May 2, 2019

Great example of a pricing page - kapwing


They explain why they charge, you see they are real people, the answer the questions people might have.

Feels very indiehacker-ish. Make it real, make it personal, make it easy.


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    😂 “Can you guys just suck it up and make the website free, with no watermark?”

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    To be honest, not sure that it's a great example. Too many words... even for me, a person that loves to read... too much text, no, no, goodbye.

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      For me coming in as a non-customer from IH I agree. The text makes me go "Ah, nvm. 👋"

      However, if I would be a customer and I genuinely care about the product, and want the watermark removed, this would probably work really well for converting me to a paid customer. Much better than a simple "Pay to remove watermark"-type of thing. 😃

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        Thanks, @joshdance, for the Kapwing mention :)

        To clarify, this isn't our "Upgrade" or "Subscribe" landing page -- this is the pricing FAQ that we link to from our "Upgrade" page. A user going through the payment flow wouldn't see this page unless they wanted to read more about why the prices are the way they are. A user might also get here if they click the 'Pricing' link in the website footer.

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          That makes perfect sense. I like the approach.

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        I think that is the key. If you have used the product, you care more than a casual browser.

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          But isnt that opposite of what a landing page should do? A landing page should attract and convince non-customers that the product is worth its price.

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    Love it. Creates free advertising/one time revenue/recurring revenue and presented in an honest way that feels customer-centric