Growth Bite: Attract new audiences by creating text-based interviews

By interviewing your peers, you can create amazing content while attracting new audiences. And if the interviews are text-based, they're quick too. Get more eyes on your brand with written interviews.

Sound familiar? We love text-based interviews at IH. In fact, they played a huge part in our growth in the beginning. And we're not alone — @patwalls of Starter Story got 12.6MM impressions in about a year by interviewing founders. What's more, from outreach to editing to publishing, it only takes him about 30 minutes of work. Text-based interviews make for great content and they're way easier than creating articles from scratch. They also bring the interviewee's audience into your ecosystem. And they can be great for SEO too. All you have to do is create an interview template that you'll use each time. Then reach out to people in your industry, starting with people you know. When reaching out, keep your message short. Tell them why you want to interview them, specifically. Show social proof and let them know what kind of exposure they'll get. Don't be afraid to follow up. And after they've completed the interview, make sure to edit it. There will inevitably be typos.

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    Next step of this method is roundups - specific question or opinion about something in the X niche and ask 10-15 "leaders" in that niche the same question so their answers are listed in the same post or roundup. Later they share the same article to their audiences, engagement is probably much higher then having individual interviews.

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        @Dotz maybe we'll do a GB on roundups. Do you have any numbers around how much more engagement you get on roundups than interviews? Or any info on how these have helped your company grow?

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          I didn't do it perse, I just know for it since I read and acknowledge just about everything about growth, marketing, psychological cues and triggers, methods about this and that, content marketing, etc. This is the article that I was reading few years back, I think, very good starting point for further research (or even complete research) https://neilpatel.com/blog/create-roundup-post-will-skyrocket-traffic-high-heavens/

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            Awesome thanks, we'll take a look!

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