Growth March 25, 2020

Growth for SubHero

Bruno E. Gracia Villalobos @16oh4

Hey everyone, I just launched, a social network to meet new people to share subscription services with. Would like to hear some tips on a chicken-egg type business such as mine and how to best accommodate early adopters!

Thanks so much,

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    Would this even be legal? I would assume the terms and policy of most apps would prevent sharing services..

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    Before thinking about growth, I would do a lot of testing on your behalf with the landing page, like 5-second tests with other users, and they should tell their first impression and what the website is about.

    As previous comments already stated, I'd avoid calling it a social network and a platform to share subscription services at the same time. It's very confusing what it is, so don't try to be everything; otherwise, you end up being nothing.

    I would rethink the structure of the website, cause you use a lot of space for not a lot of information, which is very unnecessary. Unless I scroll endlessly, I wouldn't know what your thing is about, and you want to avoid that.

    Other than that, I think it's an exciting concept that needs some iteration in terms of the page and getting the messaging across.

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      Hey buklewski,

      Thanks for pointing out the confusion aspect. I think it would be a good idea to break down the landing page to way fewer slides, and have a "LEARN MORE" button to expand the rest.

      I chose the huge space because I wanted to put more pictures than text, but I will think about consolidating the features into more organized chunks.

      This is an interesting perspective for me to see, and I really appreciate it!!

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        No problem!

        I've also E-Mailed you.

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    I think its a very good idea. Wondering how come this space is not popped up yet.

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    Target market: I'd target people who show an in budgeting, couponing, or FIRE. They're obviously interested in novel ways of saving money.

    Positioning: I'd avoid marketing it as a social network. It's more like a tool for saving money, which seems like it'd be much easier to sell.

    Marketing tactic: Set aside $XXX a month for growth - all of which goes towards popular subscriptions that you yourself will share with others. Then invite people to join in order to share.

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      Hey yj, thanks for the awesome feedback!! I will try to take out "social network" out of it--does seem to downplay what the product is. Thank you so much, really.

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    Getting traction for a social network kind of thing is really really hard! I failed a couple of times myself and promised myself to never build one again.
    So, I really have absolutely no clue how to grow that. But would like to hear how others would tackle that.

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      Hey Rallipi, you are right. Both you and yj point out a marketing tactic I have yet to try. Thank you so much for the eye opening advice!