Ideas and Validation February 27, 2020

GTD-based Project Management Software

Konstantin L @klyakh

Are there any GTD practitioners here? I myself have practiced GTD for more than 10 years. For those who don’t know what GTD is: GTD is an approach/methodology to organize your work (goals/projects/todos/etc). It takes into account how our brain works, its strong and weak sides. So after a “getting used to” period, it feels very simple and natural. And it actually helps.

I remember when 10 years ago, one day I became a lead of a software development team of 30 people. I was overwhelmed with many things to take care of. Slowly my productivity was dropping as tasks were piling up. Eventually it dropped almost to zero. Somehow I stumbled upon GTD, bought a book, and organized all of my tasks according to it. And a miracle happened. No more task chaos. Everything got organized in a kind of natural way. My thinking became clear again. My productivity returned. I was even able to dedicate some time for hobbies.

After using GTD, all other approaches to organize work feel artificial or incomplete. There are many GTD tools for personal usage out there. But, as a software developer, I always lacked a typical project management tool for teams based on GTD principles. We tracked our projects in JIRA, Trello, YouTrack. But I always wanted something… more GTD-based.

Is it just me, or are there other people who are also interested in such a tool?

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    Agree with you... I need something like that too. A tool that will make it natural for the team to exectue on GTD principles. I use Basecamp currently. After jumping from a bunch of other tools.