Guess who’s nominated for PH Diversity & Inclusion Product of the year?

Hey, IH fam! My side hustle, Diversity Decoded was nominated as D&I product of the year! If you can spare a hot second, I'd appreciate a vote! https://www.producthunt.com/golden-kitty-awards-2020/diversity-and-inclusion

And if interested in checking out the product, you can find it here: https://diversitydecoded.dev/

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    That's awesome! A friend of mine has another tool in that list as well. I (or someone I work with) will probably sign up for this.

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      Ooh. Even better! Thanks for the support!

      What's the other tool on the list?

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        Add me. Please bestow me with VIP status (or any sort of status) within your contact list to ensure I arrive reliably.

        On this page, I wonder if it should show the email address.

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        She worked on DEI for startups.

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    Done! Good luck.

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    Girl, you don’t even have to ask. I got you. 😉

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      Appreciate you having my back!

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    Best of luck Janice.

    I know @mariamhakobyan is in there with Softr.

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      Thanks, @rosiesherry! What category is Softr under?

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        Hey @rosiesherry thanks for the shout out, Softr is actually under the No Code category1 :)

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    Out of curiosity, have you intentionally kept the landing page to a bare minimum? I.e. it seems to me that you are only target people who are well aware that diversity is valuable and that they need/should improve it.

    Maybe that's the most rational way to go about it, but I'm just curious what your thoughts are on this.

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      Thank you!

      And that's a fair, solid question. I did have a long-form sales approach originally, but find that the short-form converts better. (Admittedly, that could be attributed to the free issue!)

      I am primarily targeting folks who recognize the value of D & I and those that don't , but have been mandated to improve "their numbers". For both of these audiences, I judged that getting 'em started on the runbook sooner rather than later was the better play.

      Folks who require convincing that D&I is a valiant effort likely need a more introductory resource.

      Do you think I'm missing an audience with the short-form?

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        Do you think I'm missing an audience with the short-form?

        I don't know to be honest, just struck me when I had a look.

        I mean, from the classic marketing point of view, diversity can be looked at as either a feature or a benefit, depending on who you are talking to.

        To some people diversity is an end-goal in itself and needs no real justification (benefit), whereas to other people it's more like a feature (diversity => better teams => better products => more money).

        I don't think that your current copy really sells it to people that see diversity as a feature. But again, I'm just guessing, and you know your audience best. :)

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          Interesting take re feature vs. benefit. I'll do another round of A/B testing in the future and see what comes of it! Thanks for taking the time to give feedback!

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    Happy to return the favor for IHers nominated!

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