Newsletter Crew January 6, 2021

Guide on Collecting Feedback for your Newsletter

Yaro Bagriy @yaroslawbagriy
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    Really handy, Yaro – thanks for sharing! I only just came across the Newsletter Crew site – so much handy content on there!

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      Thanks James! Let me know if you have any questions or are interested in joining the community :)

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      Thanks Ankit for writing this :)

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        Hoping readers find this useful.

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    Thanks Yaro - great article!

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      Thanks Mark for checking it out, glad it was useful :)

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    great post by author Ankit and well done newsletter crew

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      Yes thank you @Ankit_Kaknut for writing this amazing guide!

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    Nice post Yaro!

    In your example, you've mentioned 10,000 email subscribers and around 25% link clicks. But in reality link clicks are much smaller. In your opinion what's a more realistic link click rate on such feedback links per subscriber basis?

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      Hi Mate,

      I'm the writer of this article and do note that those number are for assumption as it becomes easier for me to describe and make end users get it.

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      Thanks for the questions Subro! From my personal experience, I sent a newsletter out to 600 subs and got 10 feedback clicks from it. So around 1.5% or so.

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    Bit obsessed with all the Newsletter Crew material. The podcast is great. Really helping me understand how to build an audience for my productivity newsletter

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      Thanks Keith for checking us out! I'm glad you're enjoying it! Let me know if you have any questions or want us to create specific content or just, in general, the type of content you'd like to see more of.

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    Thanks for sharing. How about tips to increase the rate of getting replies from users? We are in early-stage startup building Tappy👈 getting a response itself is challenging.

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      Thanks for the question, this is definitely the harder part haha and am still trying to find the best solution.

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    Very insightful read, Yaro.

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    This is great. Thanks for writing and sharing.

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