Guide: Remove Chinese spam from IH

The recent influx of Chinese movie scams has really affected my experience with IndieHackers.

I got tired of trying of finding real posts between the massive amounts of spam and decided to create a UserScript to remove any post that has Chinese characters in the title.

A UserScript is essentially a piece of JavaScript code that you can execute on a page of your choice.

If you're also tired of seeing that kind of spam I've put the code to my script on my GitHub page:

There is also a little tutorial on how to get it working there.

If you have any problems with setting this up feel free to leave a comment or contact me on Twitter @rohukas

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    There will likely be a fix in for that soon, for the time being RosieBot will be cleaning it up.

    1. 1

      You should let us know how you built it 😀

  2. 2

    Now how to I get rid of the American spam

    1. 1

      Absolutely. However, I will have to do figure out how to do it without removing actual posts.
      I'll brainstorm some ideas later.

      1. 1

        That was just a joke ;)

  3. 1

    Thanks Robi! I built a Twitter bot to share newest posts from the community, I saw the problem, was thinking about to update my bot logic to exclude them. Before I get the chance to do that, my bot got locked by Twitter. 😂

  4. 1

    I saw the same thing last night. It was really confusing and annoying 😡

    Thanks for helping!

  5. 1

    What about any kind of spam?

    Is that on the menu?

  6. 1

    Block all Chinese posts because of Chinese spammers... Perhaps just blocking spammers irrespective of their language of choice would be enough. A script can translate the posts to identify spam words. However, since the site is in English I can understand the logic of blocking all non-English posts.

  7. 1

    What are the spams you talking about? Any examples?

    1. 1

      Here is an example post in the 'newest': https://imgur.com/I2pO6y7

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