Gumroad Day sales - list your product

Gumroad are giving makers 100% of their sales today and aren't taking any fees. Lots of makers are doing big sales.

Here are mine:

Monetize Your Newsletter: $24.50 (usually $49)

Revenue Report - a look at how makers Pieter Levels, Pat Walls, Hari from Visa List and Andrey Azimov make money: $7.50 (usually $15)

Meet Your Heroes - exclusive video interviews with founders like Anne-Laure Le Cunff, Ben Tossell, Scott of Scott's Cheap Flights and Daniel Vassallo. $5
(usually $15)

You check them all out on my Gumroad page

What is everyone else selling? Here are some others I found.

Arvid Kahl - Zero to Sold - $4.99 +

Daniel Vassallo - Everyone Can Build A Twitter Audience - $1 +

List your own!

  1. 6

    I increased my single Gumroad product 400% for today. Just to go against the grain of discounting 🙂

    782 problems worth solving - $29 -

    1. 1

      Awesome! I'll wait until Gumroad day is over to get it 😝

      1. 2

        Hahaha fair enough but I may not even reduce it! 😂Had 3 sales at the new price and I kinda like it 🤑

  2. 5

    All my products are 50% off:

  3. 2

    Jumped on the bandwagon after reading this post! 😅
    CodeWrite - blogging tool for developers - now 40% off (as little as $1.50/month when paid $18 yearly)

  4. 2

    I made this video course for React developers a few months ago. It teaches you in 30 minutes how to turn your React app into a PWA as fast as possible 👇

    Make your React app a Progressive Web App (PWA) - 50% off for the next 10 customers


  5. 2

    All my Next.js templates listed for 50% off if you use the code PH50 :)


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    Crowdfunded is 50% off today. Get it directly at https://gumroad.com/l/crowdfunded/Welovegumroad or use discount code "welovegumroad".

    Get data on 60,000+ crowdfunding campaigns to understand customer demand, discover successful product categories and find promising product ideas.

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    I actually use Gumroad to manage license keys for a SaaS product (ask me how!) so why not join the party!

    50% off an annual subscription or monthly subscription for a year for my Mailchimp Connector for Data Studio -> https://www.epilocal.com/products/mailchimp-data-studio-connector/

    Just use the coupon code: gumroadday

    1. 1

      I like this approach! How do you generate, validate, and distribute your license keys?

      1. 2

        It's really simple - Gumroad generates the license key for you if you select a subscription product and they send it via email once someone signs up. Then to validate, they have an API where you just provide the license key and the product code to check that the key is still active. (https://help.gumroad.com/article/76-license-keys) So I hit this API when someone first connects their account and every time they log in.

        I think it works really well to get something going quick - the main draw-back is there's no easy way to give a Free Trial, which would make a huge difference for me. I was considering putting my own API layer in between to make something myself, but I also heard Gumroad is working on some kind of Free Trial feature, so waiting to see what that might look like.

        1. 1

          Thanks a lot for explaining. That's really cool!

          Is there anything that prevents people from giving their license keys to friends and family?

          My assumption would be that having an account system with email/password would stop some people from passing on credentials.

          At the same time I wonder if this is something I should really care about at this point.

          Re free trial: It's possible to create products for $0+ on Gumroad. Could you utilize that for the free trial maybe?

          1. 1

            I made the trade-off that I was ok with people sharing license keys for now to keep things simple... since I just have a couple of paying users so far I'm not worried about it yet. (I look at it is an unadvertised benefit of being an early supporter!)

            But it would be possible to check that - Gumroad returns the person's email with the License Key authentication message so you could match that to the email they are using for Gsuite (or whatever your service would be). I decided that was overkill to start with and I was more comfortable with the risk of someone taking advantage than with the risk of a bad experience from someone getting locked out because they bought it with a different email than they use in Gsuite for some reason.

            For Free Trials, I was considering stringing together something manual using a separate free Gumroad product, as you mentioned, and then keeping track with a spreadsheet and cancelling it myself in the backend after the days were up... that would definitely be uglys yet possible but I decided to just start with the paid and see what happens first.

            Since then I've learned it's tough with a SaaS product for someone to buy without a free trial, so I'm going to bump it up my priorities list and get to it soon. If I make a little service that sits in between Data Studio and Gumroad I'll write-up a little blog post about it here.

  8. 2

    My first time using gumroad - $4.99 today for light/dark mode icons https://gumroad.com/l/lightdarkmodeicons

  9. 2

    I'm giving 50% off both of my Notion templates:

    The SEO OS

    The Notion growth template


  10. 1

    It's always at "pay what you want" so no special but I'm adding my Learning Collection booklet (articles on becoming future-proof, allowing ourselves to start, simple learning practices, and more.) to the list: https://gum.co/sentiers-learning-collection

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    Thx, my books are "pay what you want" for today only, you may be interested, I would be grateful if you can share or RT my tweet to spread words, Thx https://twitter.com/javinpaul/status/1379650408000315392

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    Want all your bank transactions in a Google Sheet so you can do whatever you want with them?

    If you upgrade to BudgetSheet Pro today, you can get 20% off for life using the coupon code "gumroadday"

    -> https://www.budgetsheet.net/

  13. 1

    I started to sell my book Deployment from Scratch as a pre-release on Friday. You can get it for the starting price at https://gum.co/deploymentfromscratch

  14. 1

    Hello Pete, I made a Next-Gen Wireframe Kit/Tool with 180+ Web sections for Figma. Let me know what do you think! Also, I made a 50% discount code that can be used on the checkout Gumroad page: spring50. Thank you a lot! (https://www.uranus.design)

  15. 1

    The Garage Studio : build and launch your side-hustle with validated ideas -$14
    The Garage Studio

  16. 1

    Hello PMs,
    We are running 50% off on our
    Product manager's guide


  17. 1

    I'm selling my novel on Gumroad (very new there) https://gum.co/tcanz
    A story about a contemporary Chinese immigrant life in NZ and the UK.
    If anyone feels like reading something light and nuanced, please feel free to order.
    The discount code is indiehacker

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    Great thread, thanks for starting this Pete🙏

    The Toolkit for Atomic Habits is selling for $1 (usually it goes for 15 bucks) .

    That's 93% off just for today🎉🎉🎉

    Already made 50 sales😅

    Everything you need to build life-changing habits

    Check it out👇


  19. 1

    Brainiac 50% OFF - the list of 150 cognitive biases, principles, and models influencing your customers' decisions

    More about a product - https://kickstartsidehustle.com/brainiac/

  20. 1

    I create free and premium illustrations for sturtupers and designers, sale products with gumroad 🙃 and here the free illustrations:

  21. 1

    Do you struggle to write emails to co-workers, friends, or clients?

    Learn how to write better emails and become an email master!

    50% off


  22. 1

    Do you want to book meetings with b2b prospects? This guide will help you book meetings and generate new revenue


  23. 1

    Just decided to join the fun.

    For the next few hours https://opportunities.so subscriptions are 50% off.

    (Discount Code: GUMROADDAY)

  24. 1

    Thanks for listing Zero to Sold, Pete!

    I have already sold over 300 copies. It is MIND-BLOWING. So many great offers today.

    I did some serious shopping.

    1. 1

      No probs!

      What's good to buy?

  25. 1

    Notion Startup OS - The fastest way to plan, launch and manage your startup from idea to exit right inside Notion.

    it's already on 50% off during pre-order and now an extra 50% off for Gumroad Day, so I'm basically losing money but it's okay 😂


  26. 1

    Tweet Butler Digest is 40% off!
    👉 10x your Twitter engagement with actionable suggestions powered by AI

    It's here: https://gumroad.com/l/tweetbutler

  27. 1

    Digital Agency Kit (templates and documents for agencies and freelancers) [50% PREORDER DISCOUNT]: https://gumroad.com/l/dak-en/yc95z35

  28. 1

    For Gumroad Day, I am offering my guide Quorific to pay what you want, $5 minimum.

    Quorific is a Quora Marketing Guide for Marketers & Founders looking to get additional traffic via Quora.

    If you have any queries, do DM me on Twitter. Happy to help.

  29. 1

    Get both books below with a 50% discount with the coupon "gumroadday" (without the quotes).

    $10 for Python Fundamentals: https://gumroad.com/l/HoXnu

    $5 for Writing Technical Books with Pandoc and Markdown: https://gumroad.com/l/tTHKR

  30. 1

    I’m giving 30% off everything; my products are around engineering leadership, tech jobs and systems. https://gumroad.com/eisabai

    Most popular products are:

    • The Engineering Manager's How-to Guide (ebook)
    • Nail That Interview - Tips on nailing job interviews at a tech company (ebook)
    • Agile Project Management Templates
    • The Creator Productivity System
  31. 1

    Running a little experiment.
    I've made coupon codes for each different percent off from 99 to 90%, those sold out in 2 hours. now in the 80's

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