Ideas and Validation October 27, 2020

Gumroad Product feedback

Antonio Tropiano @tropianhs

Hi all!

I am doing the Gumroad #14DayProduct challenge, where I will try to create a Product in 14 days.
Started yesterday, I narrowed down my ideas to 3 info products

Would be great if I can have your feedback on those ideas...

Most interesting idea?
  1. How to make an impact as a Data Scientist
  2. How to transition from Academia into Data Science
  3. Use code to win Fantasy Premier League
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    As an aside: How was the build an audience webinar?

    1. 1

      Hey! It was very good! I followed it Live, but if you want to follow the recording is here

      Lots of actionable tips to grow your audience on Twitter, Randall was very clear and she also replied to one of my questions in the Q&A session right after.

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        Thanks for that link. I watched it yesterday and yes it’s really good. Just a load of actionable content and she speaks really professionally. Which I prefer to the “hyped up” way of communicating you often see in the make money world.

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    I think data science is becoming an absolutely dominant part of our society. It has personally helped me a lot in building and optimizing my product,! With that frame of mind, I believe the most important idea here is "How to make an impact as a Data Scientist"

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      Thanks for the feedback! And very nice product!

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