March 19, 2019

Hackers using Gatsby?


Hey Indie Hackers!

Sam from Gatsby here. We keep hearing more and more Indie Hackers are using Gatsby. We just published an article abut how launched their subscription course site on Gatsby. And Kent Dodds also launched his Testing Javascript course on Gatsby (

Wanted to hear who else has using Gatsby and what your experience has been like!



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    I just built my first Gatsby website recently. I have the joy of mixed CSS-in-JS solutions (we're using React Material UI which uses JSS, but prefer Emotion -- you can imagine they marry beautifully...not). I think it's cool and pretty productive, but the fact that all the existing themes have so much excessive tooling built in makes it really annoying. Compared to other static site generators, I wish there were more professional themes with minimal tooling I could use out of the box. But it's super nice to share components with my app and the website!

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      Plus one for more professional and less tool heavy themes.

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    I am using Gatsby for and really like the flexibility of it.
    It’s great if you already know react and like to tinker with stuff yourself. Also in combination with Netlify I can just push changes to Github and have my site automatically updated which is great.

  3. 2 is a Gatsby site. We're very happy with the choice and get a lot of compliments on our docs (which use Gatsby's excellent support for Markdown). We host a ton of static sites (including!) and Gatsby is a very popular choice with our users.

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    Used Gatsby for and, worked great. Where it broke down for me was trying to use it for a website with a lot of images:, but I think migrating to Netlify Large Media hosting will solve the headache of slow development builds.

    Really like how nicely it works out of the box and how cheap it can be to host a snappy static site.

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    Hey Sam :)

    I have found Gatsby to be a great tool for building side projects, particularly because it plays well with so many data sources and gets so many structural things right.

    I launched the first version of in just a couple hours with a simple JSON file and Gatsby site, and have since been able to progressively add features with little headache (like adding a real CMS) thanks to Gatsby.

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      What CMS would you recommend for noobs? I am still torn between Hugo or Gatsby/React. I want the lightness and simplicity of the former but need to bring a bunch of client tools together in a bolt-on fashion. Franken-site, anyone?

      I am really surprised at the lack of multi-page templates floating around. I am stuck right now supporting old school b2c while trying to move to b2b services using serverless.

      Thanks in advance.

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        For side projects where I need a CMS but nothing too fancy, I use WordPress. Its what I'm most familiar with, and there's so many resources out there on working with it.

        Most of my day job involves Drupal as a CMS, and I've used Gatsby with that too, but I've found the WordPress + Gatsby combo to be a really nice fit for me.