March 22, 2019

Hacking the process of designing and building SaaS frontend with custom design (own experience)

I would like to provide a tip by sharing my experience of building frontend with a WYSIWYG editor called webflow.

Recently I became part of the tiny SaaS under-resourced team ( and got responsible for web app redesign. In order to speed up the implementation of a new design system as much as I can, I chose a tool I knew well. It’s basically a professional web development tool without limits for implementation of any design (

As one Forbes author said, “It's like if WordPress and Photoshop had a baby, and loved that baby and nurtured the hell out of it and it grew up and both parents are very proud.”

You can see the result so far on a video here:

No dynamic data, only static HTML. But still quite powerful for a designer to create this alone. There are already startups creating static frontend completely inside the webflow with a designer hands, export it and leave incorporation of JS logic for developers. We are currently halfway there and it’s going much faster in comparison with a regular way - designing in a separate editor and let devs create HTML/CSS.

If you would have any questions regarding process, learnings and etc. I’m open to hosting a free webinar. Let me know in comments or DM. In case you want to see the progress I’m sharing my learnings on a daily basis on my twitter account:

Good luck with hacking your processes and building software!