April 18, 2019

Had an idea, built and launched in 1 day --- Now what?

Sam Pedraza @spedraza

I had an idea for a marketplace for a marketplace for Google App Script Developers. I built an "MVP", and launched --- now I'm not certain as to how I should/can attract customers.

I'm not certain exactly who my target audience is - and I'm hoping some people here would have some good perspective/advice for me on how I can find that.

Thanks for your help --- View website here https://gscript.dev/


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    Who hires Google Script Developers? Perhaps have a search on job boards to see who is hiring? Figure out who they are, then think about what would be the best way to reach out to them.

    Also, where do Google Script Developers hang out? Go hang with them. Make some friends. Build relationships. Share what you are working on.