May 21, 2019

Halfway to 100! Day 50 of #The100DayProject 👀

Chris @blunicorn

Okay, so for anyone that hasn’t been following along, I’m trying to create a charity to help fight climate change, and I’m doing it by squeezing in a little bit of work each day for 100 days. And... I’m half way through #The100DayProject !

Kind of cause for celebration 🥳, but also I had no time to add much to my achievements today haha. I replied to two emails and then afterwards I thought I’d list/reflect on some of the things I’ve managed to get done in the last 50 days. It’s less than two months, so I’m pretty pleased with how the 100 day thing is going I’d not normally have achieved this much alongside my full-time job, parenting etc (TL;DR least skip to the last point about contacts 😉):

  • I chose a name and created some simple branding and a pretty great logo (if I do say so myself).

  • Defined the main goal of Target 2030 as well as the core areas of operation and audience.

  • Define the tone of voice for the brand.

  • Bought a URL, installed wordpress and set up a few holding pages (home, contact) and created a draft sitemap.

  • Setup email addresses and branded email signatures

  • Created a conversion pipeline. It’s to be worked when I launch the project, but I already have several friends and family committed to donating to the foundation.

  • Created and configured accounts on and, as well as woocommerce setup in wordpress.

  • Did a bit of content banking to help keep things efficient at launch date.

  • Also purchased and installed an SSL certificate to ensure I can take donations securely on the.

  • Had to get a new passport super quick to avoid slowing down progress on the legal and banking related things!

  • Found a notary and work with them to establish the legal structure of the charitable foundation. It’s called Stichting Target 2030 (Stichting is the dutch foundation-type structure).

  • Set up basics for Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Search Console.

  • Learned quite a lot more about rewilding, tested lots of sustainability calculators, researched ‘competitor’ charities (though I don’t like that word per se when discussing charity).

  • I’ve drafted close to 2,000 words to be included in various parts of the website and a white paper.

  • Spent time exploring different revenue models with friends, family and various contacts I’ve made during the project. Looked at things like direct donation only, membership plans, donations with perks etc. In the end settled on donations + perks, with perks increasing as certain recurring donor numbers are met. It’s quite novel but it should work great and I’ll introduce it soon.

  • Set up a bank account and online banking for said account, linked that account with Stripe, then linked Stripe to donorbox.

  • Created the first campaign in donorbox, it’s still not really launchable until the website is more ready, but in a practical sense it is usable i.e. it could viably start collect donations any time. That said, I’ve also had to spend time looking into alternatives to donorbox as it doesn’t quite suit all my requirements in the end!

  • Last, but absolutely not least, I’ve made some really interesting and helpful contacts via emails, video calls, social media messages etc. From an indiehacker perspective, whilst there have been a few great contacts made and helpful comments in post etc, I’d particularly like to thank @SuchIndieHackMuchWow for his advice so far and our continued correspondence on various topics has been super helpful. Actually, and also @rosiesherry for dutifully chiming in from time to time to remind me someone is listening, it's much appreciated as the whole point of the 100 day thing is to hold yourself accountable to something other than yourself (be it an idea, a person, a timeframe)!
    Also, I’d like to offer a word of advice on reaching out to those who inspire/interest you online: I’ve sent emails to several authors, environmentalists and scientists during the last 50 days, somewhat speculatively hoping to hear their thoughts on climate change, rewilding, activism etc...and amazingly they’ve almost all replied! Some evolved into ongoing chats, others into invitations to reconnect when the project is live etc. It wasn’t really something I was expecting, but it just goes to show that it can’t hurt to try and it definitely helps keep me motivated to do that little bit each day :)

So, it’s not a huge list by any means...but it’s a hell of a lot more than I would have undertaken if I hadn’t decided to do this #The100DayProject approach! I won’t say I’d recommend it for every project, and honestly there have been some fuck ups where it’s made me waste time or go on wild goose chases just for the sake of ‘productivity’, but on balance I’m happy at the halfway mark. I’ll write a long post after the 100 day where I really dig into what I’ve learned along the way rather than what I’ve ultimately that’s probably much more interesting. Anyway, here’s to the final 50 days before launch...

#daily-stand-up #winning

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    Fair play Chris.

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    Congrats! That's a huge list done in just a few weeks!

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      Thanks, it felt like I was achieving nothing at times so it was helpful to step back and take stock...plenty to do still though!

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    I'm so pleased you made it to the half way point! That's a nice list of accomplishments so far too, many of them tedious, I hope you can get to some more fun stuff soon!

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      Thanks! Indeed, not too many tedious things from now on, fingers crossed!

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    Nice one on having made it to the halfway point! It's been really great to follow your progress so far, here's to an even better second half! 👏

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