May 18, 2019

Has anyone created a blog with Vue or React with good SEO results?

Steve Tenuto @stenuto

I'm building my entire SaaS product/app, landing page and blog as one cohesive SPA using Vue.js. For simplicity, I'd like to stay away from server-side rendering and all that.

Even though there are plenty of articles on the internet that say how Google can index javascript/SPAs correctly, I still haven't seen 'proof'.

Have you had any success with SEO and Single page apps?

Thank you,

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    Personally using ^^ Server side rendering but pretty easy to use ^_^

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    Google ranks Vuejs fine, but other search engines might not.

    I would recommend against having app and landing page on one server.

    Landing page and blog is fine, as it can be better for SEO.

    Put your app on

    Edit: for everyone recommending server side rendering, he has a web app as well.

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      if you fetch data on your landing page via an api call, google won't execute that and not rank/crawl the data returned

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    No need to have servers for a blog.

    You might wanna have a look at check static site generators.

    If you want to use vue check out vuepress and nuxt, for react it's next

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    You can do server side rendering with Nuxt (built on VueJs)

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    Why would you want to avoid Server Side Rendering? There's still nothing as easy as setting up a Wordpress site.

    If you want to use Vue or React make sure you use Nuxt (Vue) or Next (React). They both have great components for setting good information on the document head.

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    GatsbyJS can give you everything you want, provided you're relatively comfortable with React. Gatsby generates static sites that are easily served from AWS S3, Netlify, etc. The sample blog project is well-written and easy to follow. I'd spend an hour building out the sample blog to get an idea of whether it works for you or not. Maybe check out Gatsby for apps

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    why not use Gatsby then? Gatsby pagers are server side rendered

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    Server side rendering is much simpler than building a SPA. That said, there's nothing stopping you from serving your blog from a separate directory and using software built for that purpose. If you're using nginx to serve your SPA, you could always let it handle the blog directory.

    Making your own minimal blogging system is pretty simple but WordPress does a lot of things for you and has a rich ecosystem. That's probably why its market share has grown so much these past few years.

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    Shouldn't be a problem with Server-side rendering (Nuxt/Next)