October 14, 2019

Has anyone ever launched a product Content First?


I am looking a lot into the content marketing approach to launching a product. Taking a multi-content approach using text, images, video, and audio. Then once I have built up SEO relevance and brand recognition, then I launch the product.
Any thoughts or experiences.

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    Focus on doing 1 well, and then expand. @csallen worked on text content first, then started the community, then podcast I think in that in order.

    This advice has been around for a while "build an audience then build a solution to a problem they have and are willing to pay for"

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      Yes, I built up a community first then figured out what to sell to them.

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      Even better "hack" would be to join a community as a moderator or as paid support and learn from that community while being seen as an authority figure. Start producing content for them to gain your own list as well.

      Could speed up the process massively.

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    Yes, I started a newsletter, to build an audience before creating the website. Used that audience to poll for relevant content and ultimately used it to drive product features.

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    Yep - Marketing Examples and StarterStory are both content first.

    Perhaps in a bit of time we both have a product to support ...