June 11, 2019

Has anyone here taken Ramit Sethi's "Zero to Launch" course?

Matthew @triangle

I've been curious about his course. My partner and I could both make use of it, but of course, the price tag is pretty steep.

So if you've taken the course, what did you think? Is it worth it?


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    Do not waste your money on this course. It will teach you nothing new, apart from his constant bragging that he has spent millions creating this course(Which are basically recorded videos and hard to imagine how millions can be spent on them).

    The theme is same as you find easily on his or many other blogs.

    1- Find out what you are good at
    2- Create a blog or basic version of your online course
    3- Send it to your friends or post on forums like reddit, indiehackers
    4- Get customers and you will become rich

    He will not teach you any special tricks. In fact he will talk about very generic stuff and pump you up with few motivational stories from early course takers.

    Only take this course, if you have never read anything about starting an online business.

    Hope it helps.



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      These were my suspicions... looks like I'll be skipping out. Thanks!

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    I personally had a horrible experience with one of Ramit's courses and would never buy another.

    Some of my acquaintances bought Zero to Launch, though. Every single one was super fired up for a while and none have managed to earn as much from their courses as they spent on his.

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    Yeah. It wasn't very impressive.

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      Hey, thanks for responding! How did it fall short?

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        Basic information. Nothing you couldn't find online.

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          Hey - I'm getting started on my SEO Journey, was wondering if I could shoot you an email with a few questions?

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              Awesome thanks what's your email?

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