Hashfile Wireframes - Would love some feedback!

Hello everyone,

Just following up on my post (like below) from a couple of days back with some wireframes I'm pretty happy with.

These are my first wireframes so go easy on me. Kind of feels like I should've gone straight to mock-ups to be honest with how easy Adobe XD is to work with. Next time!

Please note that the resolution is 2x.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

https://www.dropbox.com/s/agao52f63nu42u0/Mobile Home - 4%402x.png?dl=0

https://www.dropbox.com/s/zpaqcpt77vi0014/Web Home - 3%402x.png?dl=0

My original post:


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    Hey Brett,

    Nice work on the wireframes. My initial thought is that they do a good job of explaining what the product will do but don't explain why I would want to use it.

    One thought would be to focus on a specific use case initially and direct all of the outward comms to that one use case. This pays dividends when initially trying to market the product as you can get good at finding and talking to one specific type of customer. It can also help you to aggressively cut the number of features you need to build for day 1.

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      Thank you for the great feedback @jamesfmac! I totally agree. It's not clear what to use it for. I have specific use cases which I think would be much easier to convey, but I think I may build those as features, or even front-end sites that consume the Hashfile API in the future. For example, a feature that accepts a URL, downloads the site as a .warc file then hashes that file might be useful and a simple use case to understand. For now I'll work on something else to give the user a better idea of what to use it for.

      1. 1

        Sounds like a good idea! Good luck with the project @BrettC

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    Looks good, Seems to me the Lets Hash button should be in it's own box, not inside pay box. Also do you need Upload file and Upload as 2 separate things? Could it just be one (text in button)?

    1. 1

      That button will initiate the modal to finish the payment process. Simply changing the button text to "Submit" would probably make that more clear. I'll also try moving the button outside of the Pay card as well. Thanks for the feedback!

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        I like the "Let's Hash", it's just the placement of it. I think most people who would be interested in your service would understand Let's Hash, but you could A/B test it to see.

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    Hey Brett,

    Welcome to IH!

    Quick tip: The more specific and detailed your questions, the better (and more numerous) the feedback you'll receive!

    1. 1

      Appreciate the tip. Thanks @louisswiss!

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