Growth January 13, 2021

Hauling Marketplace hits 1k MRR

Andrew Hodson @yourbuddyandrew

Hauling Buddies hit 1,000 MMR!

Most of my growth has been through multiple social media groups with over 100k members. Very little spent on ads.

It’s been a crazy and awesome ride. Looking for 10k by the end of this year.


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    congrat! Can you elaborate your comments about ' social media groups'? How did you achieve on social media groups? Was just curious.

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      We created and run 8 groups dedicated to animal transport equine , livestock , small animal. This allows us to inject ads without being blocked or removed. We have also work to build relationships with other group admins.

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    congratulations for the achievement. And wishing you lots of success.

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    This is something hard to accomplish! Awesome Congrats!

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    This is awesome - congrats!!

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      Thank you! I appreciate that

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    Congrats on the huge accomplishment!

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