Looking to Partner Up October 22, 2020

Have an idea and want to look for a cofounder and possibly a mentor



I am based in Hong Kong and only have an idea but no clue where to begin. Looking for a cofounder with preferably tech skills and possibly a mentor. Any help or advice would be great.

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    I know what you shoul do. Talk to the customers, validate your idea. Then create wireframes, CJM, product design, roadmap. All these you can create with no technical skills and it will save you so much time.

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      I already know the idea is feasible because there is someone else doing it. The one thing I lack is the skills to build the product because it requires some programming.

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        I wanted to say that before diving into programming there are a lot of things to be considered. While you are looking for a developer, you could work on UX/UI, CJM, content so the developer could concentrate on coding only.

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    I run www.tractionmate.com and work with developers and early startup founders to build early traction. And, I also run another productized service to build an email list using lead magnets and a few other tactics. It's @ https://www.listbuildify.com

    Let me know if you want to talk more.

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    Sure happy to chat as a Startup Mentor.

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      Are there any charges?

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          How should we carry out our discussion?

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              I don't have a microphone or a webcam on my pc. Is it still possible to do this?

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