May 23, 2019

Have you already created an E-book?

Fatou @fatou

Hey guys 👋🏽

Have you already created and successfully sell an E-book? If so, how was you experience? What did you learned? How did you find your topic? Where did you promote it? What were your mistakes? Any tips for someone who wants to publish his/her first E-book?

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge 🙏🏽

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    Hey Fatou

    The idea for my ebook came from my own struggles which I over came. This way I could write from the heart and be authentic and not try and think of what to write, which never produces great reading I found.

    I wrote my ebook first and then setup my website and tried to get traffic. BIG MISTAKE.

    2nd attempt. I created a brand new website, with new branding and started blogging. I then was getting traffic and then seutp my ebook with Mailchimp to collect subscribers. This has then lead to a few sales...

    I use gumroad to sell, easy to setup. I use mailchimp and setup a drip campaign to educate my subscribers.

    I haven't yet started promoting it yet to be honest ...

    The side project is -

    Hope that helps!

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      Thanks @Mits for sharing your mistakes and advices with us. 🙏🏾

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    Hey Fatou,

    I've created 2 ebooks :

    I used Indesign to design both ebooks.

    To sell I used

    I promoted both ebooks on my own social networks and also on Product Hunt.

    Advice would be start right now, don't worry about all the other stuff. By worrying about promotion, mistakes and other problems it will only hold you back from actually starting your ebook.

    Best of luck :)

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      This x100. Don't worry about getting everything perfect either. For example, today I released my first video and it's not all that pretty at all (in fact, after I made it, I searched for video production tips and realized I did everything wrong, but published it anyway). I'm just human, there's only so much perfection to be had. If I screw it up this time, there's always the next and the next and the next. Keep on leveling up your skills as you go.

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        Absolutely @genemachine there's always room for improvement, but you have to make the first steps first.

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      You are right @daviddel we always forget that we have to start first and then working things out :)

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