May 23, 2019

Have you experienced this problem when trying to learn something new?


Learning a skill requires being skillful in other areas. For example, to run you need to learn to jog but to jog you need to learn how to walk. This concept of "skill dependency" applies to nearly everything. How do you go about pursuing the ideal path to learning a set of skills? Do you use a forum like IH, HN, or StackOverflow to ask, "How to become an expert in X?"

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    I find it useful starting with the end in mind and seeing if the curriculum outline in any learning platform meets those requirements. Also talking to other experts to fill in any gaps in the curriculum . Once the path is set following the path in chunks helps retain the learned skills.

    Here are some useful resources:

    Learning to learn

    Made to stick

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    Most premium educational platforms (Lynda, LinkedIn Learning, Interaction Design Foundation) will offer learning paths, such as become a full stack developer, and provide a list of the courses to take (that they provide) to becoming a full stack developer, or designer or whatever. If you didn't want to pay you could use the curriculum they outline but find free resources instead of their courses - youtube, medium tutorials etc.