October 19, 2020

Have you tried using a revenue-share agreement w/ other Indie Hackers?

Wes Wagner @caffeinatedwes

Has anyone ever used a revenue-share agreement with other Indie Hackers, freelancers, or partners?

Really curious to hear about how it went, or what happened if you thought about it but didn't end up structuring it/using it.

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    Hi Wes, at our start-up, devevi.com , we are using revenue based commissions.

    Anyone, who refers us to a new client, would get 10% of the profit if we make a deal. It goes really good for us, we have numerous of new clients with this way. Actually nearly half of our deals are happening on this way.

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    This is a good question & I would also like to hear more peoples thoughts on this.

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      Have you thought about doing this yourself?

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        I would definitely consider it. I think that sharing the pie is a great way to grow the pie :)

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