April 23, 2019

Have you worked with Jay Whitley Jr of 24 Hour Designs?

Bill Smith @Sweetheart777

I'm an indie app developer, tempted by the idea of buying leads from his firm, but it looks like they guarantee nothing. Has anyone had an experience with his leads services? Is it worth the money? Does he actually deliver or is it a cash grab?

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    I am one of the designers - they do really good work, they contract with a ton of freelancers (my portfolio http://dribbble.com/borderbabe2412)

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    Hey Bill, I haven't worked with 24 hour designs specifically but they are charging a monthly fee which isn't promising. I'd look for someone who gets a commission on the leads that convert. That's how most sales operations I've had experience with work.

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      Thanks. Can you direct me to any firms that do sales on that basis for software/app developers?

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