April 20, 2019

Haven't launched yet, but got my first customers today!

Kelvin Angstrom @kelvin

Two awesome Indiehackers paid (using their hard earned dollars) for my side-project today www.angstrom.life

The amazing thing is that I don't even have a login link to the product on my site yet. I'm not planning on launching for at least another week.

Somehow they figured out (not ridiculously hard to do, but still lovely) where the login page was, logged in, tried the app and bought it!!!

I've been on cloud 9 all day. This is my first side-project, so it really means a lot to me.


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    Sorry, couldn't help myself. I too (accidentally) figured out how to log in the app.

    Man, you have something special here. Very, very well thought out. One of the best products I've seen on here. I'll definitely be purchasing a plan. And it's good to have people like you setting a high bar for us Indie Hackers, it's only put more fire in my belly to do a great job with the launch of my product in a couple of weeks.

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      I am genuinely blown away by that feedback. Unbelievable. I'm not even sure how to respond to it. Would you mind if I used it on my testimonials page (which I haven't put live yet)? No need to apologise, I delighted that you did sneak in! :)

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        Sounds good, go for it!

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    That’s awesome! :). Nice they were indie hackers too!

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      Thanks Rosie! Ya the fact that they were indiehackers was the icing on the cake for me :)

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    Wow, this looks really great. What techniques did you use to create that video? It was very well done. I've signed up for the email list and will wait "patiently" for the launch. :)

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      Hi Brendan, thanks! Could you send an email to [email protected] with just "Video" in the subject and I'll reply with a detailed explanation of how I made the video. It'll be a bit too long to explain here.

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    Looks awsome, congrats buddy and best of luck to you.

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      Thanks Nestor! Really appreciate it...

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    They signed up because you've built a fantastic website that gets across the value of your product. I've seen plenty of these project management tools for solo founders but yours is the first one that's got me eager to sign up.

    Well done!

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    Hey Kelvin!

    Congrats on the sales! I love the idea and would love to give it a try. I signed up to the newsletter and will probably purchase when ready.

    Best of luck with the launch, hit me up if I can help.

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      Thanks Othmane! Really appreciate the support. Great work on 1kprojects. I love the focus of your product, it's a genuinely useful tool.

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    Awesome, well done Kelvin!

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      Cheers Chris! It does feel great. Still early days but the fear of not one person paying and it being a waste of time has definitely subsided.

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        yeah I bet :) it looks like a cool product idea, so good luck!

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    Wow, congrats!
    Did you announce anywhere about your project?

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      Thanks Zencentric! No I haven't announced it anywhere yet. I have setup a Product Hunt Upcoming Ship page. I have registered with Betapage but the post hasn't gone live yet. The first customer came from a comment here on IH. If you read the comments on this post you'll see how it happened https://www.indiehackers.com/yhoiseth/post/e58977a29e?commentId=-LcoU02EDCwis2HjZIl-

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    This is awesome, especially for aspiring indie hackers who are trying to figure things out (cough cough me cough). Congrats @kelvin! Just subscribed to the newsletter :)

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    looks amazing. i'm tempted to sign up :) and you know what convinced me - how well put together your website is. did you design and hand code it from scratch?

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      That's lovely feedback to get, thanks! Ya it's completely custom. Just plain CSS grid. I've done everything myself so far, I don't have a budget to get a designer so it has been a learning curve. I'd never made a video before, so that was an interesting process for me.

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    @kelvin checked it out - looks beautiful!

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