Having trouble with font awesome icons in Windows 10 browsers - can you help?


I have a rails 5.2.3 app that uses font awesome 5.15.1 icons. The icons display properly on a variety of devices but a few users on Windows 10, accessing my app with any browser (e.g. edge, explorer, chrome) cannot see the icons.

I have looked around in google and stack overflow but the answers are either too old (nothin recent) or the solutions propose are to do with changing the windows 10 configuration (which needless to say i am reluctant to ask my users to do).

Has anybody come across anything like this? I am lost as to what to do with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Can you give us a link so I can try?


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        It's working for me. tested on FF, Chrome and old Edge.

        If you can, try to copy FA's files on local and load them from there.

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          In which Windows did you try? Windows 10?

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              Awesome, thank you very much !

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