Headdding for a new founder

Before the pandemic struck, I was working on a new app to help people better share where they would be traveling too (business or personal), so they could connect with more people.

The ideas was pretty simple...people were traveling more, but it was hard to keep track when people would be in your city, to try and arrange a gathering or if it's not your city maybe travel to the same spot.

So I built a simple web app that allows anyone to share where & when they are headdding to a city (nothing more specific for privacy reasons), users are able to follow other users, and keep tabs on when someone might be near them or where they might join them.

Obviously the pandemic put a halt to all travel, so I shelved the idea. Most of the development is complete, but still some work todo.

As the world begins to open up again, the idea might be worth another look, but I don't think I'll have the time to work on it.

If this is an idea that you might be interested in running with, would love to chat. Don't know what exactly my involvement would be, but open to different outcomes here.

Happy to have someone else take it and run with it, or stay involved in some way if that makes sense.

(You can probably guess the name/domain I had in mind here 😀)

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    Hey there. This idea is interesting to me because, pre-COVID, I was in a few travel groups where people were constantly looking for travel partners. For example, for certain tours (e.g. Grand Canyon), they need a minimum number of N people to confirm a reservation, so a solo traveler would post on these chat rooms to get travel partners. But because it was a text-based chat rooms, the posts would go invisible when new messages arrive and there was no way to short by upcoming dates and locations. That's when I thought about creating a website for these people, where you can announce your trip plan and look for travel partners.

    I visited your website and it's too bad that it requires a Twitter account. (I don't have one.)

    What are the tech stacks that you are using for your website?

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      That's definitely a good use case. My initial inspiration came from some friends who do talks at conferences and I wanted an easy way to keep a track of when and where they would be.

      Twitter login was just a short cut while I was building a quick MVP, could be removed for email sign up pretty easily, but having the social login makes it easier to verify people posting were who they said they were.

      The website is mostly just a Laravel app at the moment, Tailwind and little bit of vanilla JS I believe.

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    Really like the idea!
    It's something I thought in the past "let people know about your future travel plans to ease meetups etc" .

    another use for this would be to "broadcast "what conferences I will be attending.

    Sad to hear you will not have time to work more on this :(

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      Yeah still think this a great idea for a post pandemic world, which is why I hoping someone would be interested in taking it over, but we'll see what happens.

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    isn't this same concept as wayn.com? ( where are you now ?).

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    I had the site up and running if you'd like to kick the tires:

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      Based on the tagline [Let your fans know where you're headdding!], aren't people already using social media for this?

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        Yeah for sure, but a tweet/post about where people will be gets lost in the stream pretty quickly if it gets seen at all.

        Depending on when you make the plans, you may tweet a weeks or months before the actual trip and so you end up having repost details which its annoying too.

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          Good point, I was actually thinking Instagram when I posted my comment. I suppose my mind is wired to think people only share photos when they travel as it is easier and faster to convoy a message. But this is just me :)

          So your idea is like an event tool with RSVP that will remind subscribers?

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            Kind of.

            Basically I was thinking of something like Twitter, but you only post about the places you'll be visiting (share as much details as you want, attending a conference or other event, or just hanging out, etc).

            You can follow people, like posts, which would lead to reminders being sent (hadn't fully worked out the details there).

            Visually it ends up being different because you can build maps of where people will be traveling.

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