Landing Page Feedback March 29, 2020

Healthcare Heroes - Moral support for covid-19 healthcare workers

Mathew Li @mtlftw

Hi Everyone,

Have been working on a covid-19 hackathon project the last few days. Would love your feedback on our landing page! Thanks!

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    I read through it and have a few comments/questions you might want to consider:

    • I'm not entirely sure how the healthcare heroes get the messages. Do you personally deliver the messages to them via email? Or do they need to be signed up onto the platform to get the messages?
    • The form at the top is a little intimidating without proper context. I almost didn't scroll down to see the rest of the page so I would either make it shorter or move it below the screenshot. That way only people who truly get the idea will sign up.
    • Are the logos at the end partners? If so, great, otherwise it could be misleading.

    Though I do think it's a wonderful idea and any appreciation is welcome for people working in healthcare!

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      Thank you for the feedback! Very helpful :)

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        You're welcome :) Good luck!

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