Healthcare related startups

Hell all!
I would be interested to see if there are a lot of healthcare related startups active on Indiehackers! I'm thinking about exercise, food, movement trackers, medical devices, etc

Do you work on a project like that? Or do you know some good examples? Let it know in the comments. I will review all entries.

In a later stage, we might decide to work together and share backlinks with eachother. An easy way to gain some more linkjuice!

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    I'm currently working at Vähk.
    A management tool for cancer patients: http://www.vaehk.com/

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      Wow, interesting. I understand it as "Data analysis to help cancer patients". What kind of data do you collect and use for your analysis?

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    I founded https://accupointmed.com an electronic health record for behavioral health, but I sold that two years ago. Now I'm working on https://easycom.app, a "reverse" contact center for medical billers. Still super early stage as in I wrote the first line of code a month ago :).

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      Wow, your health care system must be f*** up if that kind of service is necessary... Also: hope the healthcare organisations don't all reply on the same time :-D

      But it seems a very good idea, that might help a lot of health care professionals!

      Care to tell more about the sale of accupointmed.com ? How did you sell it, what kind of profit did you make, what would you do different?

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        Yeah the US healthcare system definitely leaves a lot to be desired.

        Your second question is loaded, but high level at around the time I bootstrapped it to 7 figure ARR I started getting emails from Private Equity companies pretty often. I would take their calls to get a feel for the market. I eventually found a fit where I was rolled up into a larger company that I felt I could grow with and took the offer. I ended up working for the acquirer for two years and learned a ton.

        I can't get into details but the deal was cash and stock. The stock has actually done quite well and retaining upside was the right move in hindsight.

        Overall, it is enough that I'm a lot less stressed starting another company and my family is secure, but I'm not flying around in a private jet :).

        I wouldn't do anything different per say as I learned a lot. Being naive actually helped me be successful in a lot of ways. If I knew then what I knew now I would have probably given up on the idea too soon.

        Honestly - there is soo much nuance I'm leaving out here. A better format for this broad of a question is a podcast or a book :).

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          Wow - Thx for the share!

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    Hi @Rodeo, healthcare is broader field. Can you let me know which sub field you want to target. Say, if you want to choose hospital management, then most of the doctors having hard time with patient related platforms.

    @cathe_2020 can you share your experience with the softwares, you or the staff at your hospital use and what are the difficulties you are facing.

    or do you ever feel, you need a software to manage certain tasks.

    I'm also interested.

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      Hi, sorry for the delay there's is a lot of good softwares at the moment I actually use one naked African management

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      We target back pain problems on https://www.spineo.org . We feel in our community that there are a lot of questions on back pain: what is the cause?, can it do harm? will it pass or should I visit a specialist?

      To help people with these questions, we are developing a online back pain test. Not only for the people here around us, but for the whole world. It seems not to exist already

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    Not much health care related projects here!

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    Hi, my name is Catherine im a Occupational Nurse im seeking for a healthcare startup idea. i Live in PANAMA

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      Hello Catherine! Hello from Belgium.
      Seeking you with an idea is not easy :-) What kind of problems exist in your community that you might help with?

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    We are not exactly in healthcare but help clients in assisted living facilities for people with special needs to be more self-reliant.


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      Wow, great idea! Any idea when you will enter the Belgian (Flemish) market?

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        Actually, we currently have a handful of B2B customers in Belgium and probably around 50 families.

        Are you Fien? You can also take a look at https://mijneigenplan.nl (That's our Dutch brand)

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