November 7, 2019

👋 Hello Hackers


Hi IH, I'm Mark, just signed up.

Joining IH feels like the start of a pretty interesting adventure, I'm looking forward to learning from you all and sharing my experiences with the community. I've also just posted my first product, feels good to make that first step. Do check it out. ✌️

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    Hello and welcome! MappyMapMap is so fun to say. What's your progress with it so far?

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      Hey dkb, thanks!

      My progress is currently a wireframe for a landing page, but I'm going find some potential customers to talk to before I code anything.

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    Welcome, Mark!
    MappyMapMap sounds like a good idea. Have you validated it?

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      Hi Neiljett, not yet. I'm planning on getting some feedback from a few people who are currently hosting small events e.g. art exhibitions.

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        Post into milestones, would love to know how that went! GL