Looking to Partner Up May 5, 2019

Hello I'm a cognitive scientist!

Yoshua Kishi @Yoshua

Hello, my name is Yoshua and I'm a cognitive scientist.
I'm recently researching on phone addiction.
If you have trouble in UI/UX or want to create a product from a psychological approach, let me know.
Happy to help you!

#hello-world #looking-for-cofounder

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    Thank you.

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    What is SF? I've got to study Cognitive Science in India by July.

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      SF is San Francisco!
      Great, I want to talk with you so soooon!

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        Sure. Thanks.

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    Hello Shymdy,
    Yeah, I am in SF but now in back to my home country temporarily.

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    Hi Yoshua, good to see you on IH.
    Are you working in SF?

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      I have my own startup.

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        I see.