Hello, What would be your wackiest project that you'd dream of launching?

I have a project whose objective would be to list all the bullshit ideas, crazy ideas.

Every month:
1 - People could post their idea
2 - The community votes for the craziest idea
3 - I launch an MVP of the craziest idea

If you like this project, tell me about it and post your first crazy project.

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    Here is mine, but I really don't see how one can make a MVP out of it: A "datacenter in a box" that could be installed in high-rise buildings.

    Use the heat generated by the datacenter as a furnace to provide heating. Connect these datacenters all the internet providers available in the building and connect/peer neighboring datacenters. Each datacenter could then be used to run a open cloud platform (like Openstack) or a CDN Point-of-Presence.

    A business like that would basically become a rival to the big3 cloud providers with the difference that they would probably have much lower costs in running the datacenters themselves. Bonus revenue stream if the amount of datacenters in an area becomes large enough to act as an ISP to a community.

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    Probably this one --- this story may explain the thought process a little bit

    I do think this content has merit but I am looking for the best way to present it. I also have to actually complete the dataset and that is taking a while to check and verify. I am maybe 25% done. Some things I might do with it once I am done include (digital) calendars, mobile app, ebooks, etc. Will remain to be seen. The way I have presented it now allows me to put it out there without having a complete dataset.

    There are very specific user groups for this content such as a subreddit, subset of twitter users, and marketing people. In general if you have to think of fresh/various ideas daily and you are having a hard time, this may help.

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      Thank you, indeed it can help me.

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    Dishes as a Service.

    Everyone knows doing dishes sucks. It's the worst chore.

    Imagine if every week you get a box delivered with all the plates, cookware, everything you need for the coming week. Once you are done eating or cooking you just toss all the messy dishses into a second box, and someone comes and collects that at the end of the week.

    It's called Dish.ly and I am going to build this one day.

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      Ah great. I like the idea, I don't like doing the dishes!

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