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Hello world! Looking for smart ways to grow my WordPress plugin install base from 1.000+ to 10.000+

Hi there! I'm a WordPress developer and currently growing my first plugin business: Foyer - Digital Signage for WordPress.

Download Foyer for free at:

Foyer recently hit the 1.000 active installs mark, without marketing efforts, solely focussing on the product at first. Feedback from users is very positive, and I'd now like to actively promote Foyer to make it hit 10.000 installs. Foyer is a free plugin. I will start selling add-ons soon (license fee, recurring) as my source of revenue.

Any suggestions on how to get more attention for this plugin, so it can hit 10.000 installs? Any thoughts on how feasible this growth is for this plugin?

I've been professionally developing websites and web apps since 1994 but mostly for clients, managing a web development studio with some 8 team members. Foyer is my first product. My strengths are concept development, UX and programming. Wants: marketing skills. I'd love to share thoughts on any of those subjects :-)

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    I recommend publishing plugin reviews on WordPress related sites

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