Help choose between these two domain names

I'm in the early stages of starting a new project and am choosing a domain name.

The product is going to be a Twitter management service where I fully manage Twitter accounts for customers including creating Tweets, choosing images and hashtags, scheduling daily tweets, managing followers/follows and growing an audience sustainably.

The tweets, hashtags, images will be hand-written/chosen by me but the scheduling etc will be automated through the official Twitter API.

Over the last few months I've tried this out in-house for a few client's that I provide SEO/social media services for and it's been a hit. So I'm taking the step of developing it into it's own product.

I aim to build this in the open so I thought I'd start with asking for your opinion on a domain name (.com preferred). I've received some feedback from friends and family and narrowed it down to either:




Which do you think is better?

UPDATE: thanks for the very useful feedback everyone. I am ditching both these domains and will think of something better!

Which is the best domain name?
  1. twexe.com
  2. genialengine.com
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    Neither are great tbh.

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      Appreciate the feedback - might need to revisit this if it is the general consensus.

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    Hey, I know I'm coming to this late, but I would go with some type of bird, and use a cool new extension, like .so (since .co and .io will likely be taken).


    Way more brandable, and looks clean.

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    socialmate.io [Scalable - Can Offer More services]

    Best of Luck

    Suggestion - Don't Stick with Twitter or anything related to Twitter in Domain - Not Scalable

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      I like twmate.com - will have to consider this too. Thanks!

      On the others I consider .com a must - or at least having the .com as well as the .io if there is a good reason to use an .io etc

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        Awesome. Best of luck with this!

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    twexe reads like a malware program :)

    1. 1

      :) but jokes aside this is actually true!

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    Gun to my head, I'll probably go with twexe.com, simply because I'm a fan of short, one-word domain names.

    Speaking of which, if you're open to other TLDs like .ai, .app, .io, .so, or even domain hacks like instagr.am, I made a tool, One Word Domains, that aggregates all the available one-word domains for you to get inspired from. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you find!

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      oneword.domains is awesome, recommend 100%

      1. 1

        Damn, thanks a lot for the endorsement Morgan! Appreciate it! 😇

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    I don't like both. Keep searching. :) I know it's really hard. However eventually you will find one.

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      As others said, I don't like the original domain names. My favorite is twitteroo.com 😊

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    I agree with the others, neither is a great name. I'd love to know if my project naminus.com is of any help

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    postyexpress.com - like the old-timey Pony Express in the US

    These are available if they're interesting to you.

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    Yeah I am not a fan of either as well. I went through a naming exercise recently and know how painful it can be , one recommendation I would give is to start with the spirit of your company and try to come up a name that way.

    For instance , u r managing other people’s twitter accounts , Twitter is based on tweet which is based on a bird, so I am sure you could play on managing birds like aviary, flock, etc.

    I am sure you will come up with a memorable and brandable world . Good luck!

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      Thanks for the feedback - I am going to ditch them both!

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    None of them. They say zero to me.

    Try to be more imaginative like the guy who named the boat Boaty McBoatface....

    Jokes apart. Play with the extensions ...

    Twitt.me ( this is good come on...)
    Twittea.lo ( Spanish for twitt it )

    ....there's many

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      Thanks for the input - appreciate it! Some good ideas here.

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    I don't like both too as well. I am sure there are better names out there, maybe check .io domains?

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      Appreciate the feedback - .com is a must for me. If it goes well I don't want anyone else owning the .com

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    • twittergrow(com)
    • twgrowth(com)
    • twitterconcierge(com)

    If you like them maybe I should start charging ??

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      Thanks for these - appreciate the ideas. Unfortunately I can't use anything with Twitter or tweet in because of copyright. I could use twgrow - the only thing stopping me is the 'grow' keyword tends to be used a by a lot of sites that bulk follow/unfollow or sell follows and promise 5000 followers per month etc. I really don't want the service to be associated with that as it is a can of worms.

      1. 1

        One more try:

        • tweetsasaservice(com)
        • tweetsmagic(com)
        • tweetsforyou(com)
        • tweetminister(com)
        • tweetministry(com)
        • tweetsfactory(com)

        Good luck!

        1. 1

          Thanks again - unfortunately 'tweet' is copyrighted too so unusable.

          1. 1

            Ha ha. Ok lost this one.

            1. 2

              Even though those exact domains aren't an option your ideas have helped a lot

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    How you gonna brand them.
    What's twexe. First thing comes to my mind, a windows desktop client for twitter.
    I'm not a native English speaker, didn't know what genial means, my brain pick the next word as denial.

    To be honest, I didn't dig both. But as long as you have customers lined up it wouldn't matter IMHO.

    So good luck.

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      Thanks for the feedback - at least from twexe you got Twitter! I was thinking of a tagline along the lines 'Twitter, run for you' or similar with a play on exe being 'execute' and 'run' but I didn't see the Windows angle.

      Might have to have a rethink - I've spent about two days searching and feel like I should get moving on the build without spending too much more time on it but I do want to get the branding right.

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        You should move on, I wouldn't rush the name, until I'm done with the project. I'm having troubles on naming and explaining things myself so I just leave it, until I find something out of blue sky. Either when I scroll through twitter or watching a show. Creativity is a bit odd. Sometimes it works like a charm when you set a deadline, sometimes it doesn't click for weeks. Just have a fresh air, forget about it and return back later.

        I see you avoid using twitter in the name due to copyright issues, tw, twt, twtr prefixes a bit popular when you come up with a name that also explains what the app does eg. twauth. Or playing with the ending of the word, like managr, shedulr. Just thinking out of loud.

        Lastly a bit of keyword research could spark some new ideas.

        1. 1

          Some sound advice here - thank you! Going to give it some space then revisit in a few days.

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    I only voted for genialengine because I have no idea how to pronounce twexe. Unique though. Anyway, all the best with this!

    1. 1

      Thanks - will bear this in mind about the pronunciation.

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    Neither! Twexe (.exe, a.k.a worrisome malware), or genialengine (Engine??)

  16. 1


    Thanks for the really useful feedback everyone. I have ditched both these domains for now and will choose something better.

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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