March 24, 2019

[HELP] company Instagram account hacked


My companies Instagram account was hacked. I believe it was targeted because it is a verified account... It’s been hacked for months now. When I try to contact Instagram all I get are AI bots that don’t help me.

I have proof that is my account is 100% mine and it is still even connected to the associated Facebook account. Since the account was originally hacked its changed hands multiple times, my guess being sold on an Instagram account resell site.

Can anyone help me get my account back?

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    @Zencentric no i cant login through my phone number

    I belive i tried every method to login the account.

    I really think the only thing that can help me is some facebook/instagram employee that i can show proof to, that the account belongs to me.

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      As far as I know, there is some special form that you have to fill up, attach scans of documents proving that account belongs to you.

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        yea... through their account recovery flow, i've gotten to that step once... and then I got radio silence.

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          Sorry about that... maybe just wait?

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    hey @Zencentric I dont really know how it got hacked. But other users accounts were hacked in the same day. I attached an article below.

    I tried everything, but Instagram account recovery system is pretty shitty. If anyone could help, I would appreacite it.

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      Okay, can you just login to your IG account? When you login you do it using email or some social networks account?

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        Hey, @Zencentric

        I'm not able to log into the IG account, they changed the password and the email address.

        They're not able to change the @handle because Instagram won't let them because the account is verified.

        I still have access to the facebook account that is associated with the Instagram account, but I can't figure out a way to recover the account through Facebook.

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          If the IG account is still associated with FB account, can you log in to IG via FB login?

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            @Zencentric I slightly mispoke. I have a Facebook page that is associated with the instagram. (not a Facebook account)

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              So, you have never logged in to IG using your FB account? If so...
              When they changed their email in your IG account, did you receive any email about this fact?

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                @Zencentric logged into IG using my personal facebook account, and that facebook account is a super admin of the facebook group the instagram account is associated with.

                When the account was hacked I didnt even receive a email the account info had change. I'm not sure how they hacked it, but it seemed like a lot of other accounts were effected as well.

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                  Can you log in IG using your FB account?

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                    if I login to instagram through facebook im only able to access my personal instagram account... and not the hacked company account.

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                      Well, that's bad. What about phone number?

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    can you share a little bit more details? How was it hacked? What did they use to possess it? Is the account linked only to Facebook or email too? And any other details.
    I don't promise anything, I just have been in a similar situation with FB itself and got my account back without using any hackers or so.

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    @andreabosoni thanks for the reply.

    I have followed this link.

    9 times out of 10, I dont get a reply and when i do its an AI bot.... when i follow the instructions of the bot, I still have no sucess in recovering my account

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    Follow the official guidelines: