Coronavirus March 26, 2020

Help Founders 💛 - Podcasters helping fellow SaaS founders

Benedikt Deicke @benediktdeicke

Hey fellow indie hackers,

both my co-founder @uibreakfast and I are avid podcasters. Two days ago, we were brainstorming ideas on how to help fellow SaaS founders in these times.

This is how the idea for the Help Founders initiative was born. Together with a couple of other great shows, we're offering free sponsorship slots on our shows to fellow SaaS founders.

If you're interested getting your product promoted on one of these podcasts, please apply now. If you're a podcaster who wants to help as well, please get in touch, too.



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    Thanks for doing this!

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    Great idea!

    Love what you folks are doing for the SaaS space :)

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      Thank you! I hope we can indeed help a bit with this one.