Indie Publishing July 14, 2020

Help me choose the ebook cover ⛰️ 🐔 🐟


My ebook's current cover image looks nice but I'm considering changing it, as similar book covers in the genre stand out better.

Therefore, I bring you these 3 sample designs and I look for your opinion.
I'm also open for suggestions and new ideas, so go ahead and write a comment! 💡

Whic design do you think fits my ebook cover better?
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    I like the fish design overall and the metaphor works for me :)

  2. 1

    Love it 😂

  3. 1

    The fish cover caught my eye immediately. The connection was easy, the title is big and clear although the font style is a bit quirky.

    Although the Fish is the best out of the three I still think you can slam in some colour changes. Why did you decide to go with the pale colours? It feels as if it's just another book, it doesn't have anything that stands out or makes it different to the other 100 hundred books out there. What makes yours different? This is where I would focus on improving the cover.

    Hope my feedback helps.

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    The fish one is the best in terms of identifiability, but the metaphor isn't clear. Are the fish individual side projects?

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    Fish cover is a lot more eye-catching and memorable than the others!

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    the subtitle could be a bit bigger

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      Good idea Josef, thanks!