July 22, 2019

Help me decide on rebranding.


I'm considering rebranding to Cliply.co.
Or should i stay with OneClickClip.com?
I've created poll on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OneClickClip/status/1153336466921205760

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    what about even shorter... Qlip.co ?

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      Nice one, but it's already taken. I like how it looks when written in lowercase, qlip. Thanks for the idea, Janny!

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        yeah by me, a failed project is sitting there - naturally I liked the qlip lowercase too 🤣. happy to sell

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          Hahahah good catch😁

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    Conceptually the idea is sound and my instinct is that a rebrand to cliply.co wont move the needle much for you.

    Have you considered a name with words like "gif" in the name? "clip" feels a little vague. "commercial gifs" is a lot more clear and might give you more of the results you are looking for.

    Is your reasoning for changing a lack of traffic? And if so, have you exhausted your other options like marketing etc?

    Hope this helps and good luck!

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      Thanks for your reply.
      OneClickClip was my first idea for the name and I've used it to test out MVP.
      Now I want to rethink the brand because I know that changing the name later on will be much harder.
      I'm not satisfied with this name for 3 main reasons:
      -pretty long
      -unoriginal (there are hundreds of oneclick....)
      -hard to pronounce

      I prefer "clip" over "gif" because:
      -I'm going to offer multiply file formats, so it may be confusing
      -it's even harder to find domain with "gif"

      So the reasoning is strictly brand identity, not marketing.

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        The Graphics Interchange Format acronym is owned by giphy? No mention of it on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GIF

        I don't think it's copyrighted (happy to be proved wrong), but either way you could just change names when you get a notice, if it ever came to that.

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        I didn't mean literally. I meant in a branding sense. Given we were talking about brand identity I would have thought this would be implied.

        What brand do you think of when someone says the following words? (cover the right side)

        SNAP ....(chat)

        SPOT ...(ify)

        FACE ....(book)

        SHOP ...(ify)

        INSTA ...(gram) - ok this isn't a work but you get the drift

        You can't call a gif sharing platform gif..X for the exact same reason you cant build a new social network called SNAP..TALK or FACE..DIRECTORY or INSTA..PIC. The word association is already built into their brand so you have an uphill battle trying to build association with that word to your brand and/or you have to accept that you're just never going to be as big a brand.

        There are caveats - if you're in a completely different industry then its kinda ok (i.e. instacart) but I think it should be avoided.

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          Ahhh, but you could make businesses called:

          quick ...SNAPs and not think of snapchat
          fancy ...SHOPs and not think of shopify
          tele ...GRAMs and not think of instagram

          Ultimately, the name doesn't matter much (with exceptions). What matters is the narrative you tell. What you have to say is more important that what name you say it behind.

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