Help me decide what to do next for my SaaS

I am building a blogging platform (www.dynablogger.com) and the two only "important" things left in terms of features (for now at least) are commenting and some more ready themes.

However Ghost has been around for years and doesn't have comment yet, and many people pay good money for it.

Should I work on comments or just start promoting the app properly already? I technically launched a few months ago but I have done very little promotion so far due to other tasks.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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    Hey Vito!

    I was really impressed with your work. It looked to me like you put a lot of effort into it.

    So, as for the next step... as an active blogger I always love to get feedback from my readers so I would consider this feature as vitally important. But your customers may be in a different situation. Say, if most of them are small businesses and just want to create some content for their websites, they can live without comments.

    So, from my understanding you don't have customers yet. But you have to find them out. As the blogging is pretty broad area, there are many different groups of customers. When you figure out which one is your target audience it will be much easier for you to pick up the next feature.

    Good luck!

    UPD Looked at your own blog and see you already have integrated the Commento service into it what means readers can leave their comments. If so, I would recommend to launch your service.

    I also would like to ask if you support custom domains. To me, this is even more important than comments.

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      Hi! Thanks a lot for the nice comments :) I am keen on adding the comments feature (as you have seen I am using this myself with a 3rd party service) but now I am a bit worried, because someone told me that due to current regulations in the EU I'd have to moderate comments on sites on my platform. It sounds weird to me because I thought that as long as I give my users the ability to moderate I wouldn't have to worry about some personal responsibility... I need to look into this. Yep custom domains are supported :)

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        due to current regulations in the EU I'd have to moderate comments on sites on my platform.

        Yeah, it would be strange. I can't believe that any existing blogging platform does it itself. Anyway, honestly, I wouldn't worry about it - your project is in too early stage.

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          yeah maybe I am overthinking it. Thanks

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            I realized now your nick is formed in the same way as mine :) this is really funny :))

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    Imho, there's a reason comments are not part of many of blogging platforms, primarily they are useless due to amount of spam in contents and pingbacks.

    Don't build them unless you're asked for them

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    Launch. Most new users prob wont even have enough traffic to get comments. A lot of blogs turn them off anyway. Nobody uses a blogging platform because of the comments feature.

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      I hadn't thought about new blogs and traffic. Note taken :)

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    I'm in a similar situation with my blog platform. I say launch.

    Gonna do the best I can to get a couple more things functional, but I'm launching soon.

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      So you are also launching without comments? :)

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        Yes. And possibly a couple other things. I haven't decided if I'll ever have comments. If there is demand for it, I would add them.

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          OK. I guess I'll wait and see if someone asks for them :)

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    When you finish the features you've outlined you'll probably think of other features. Just launch 😊 you can keep improving your product even when its launched.

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      So you think I should go ahead without the comments?

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    Can't you always relaunch any how? I would add an html icon though before launching.

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      I was thinking to start sharing it on the many directories etc shared here a few times to start, and later on ProductHunt. Which icon are you referring to? The favicon or something else? Thanks!

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