Help me improve my landing page title to increase CTR


I'm building Formito.com which is a tool to create chatbots for websites. I've been using different page title copies for my landing page, but I'm not happy with any of them. Here they are:

  1. Create Fancy Chatbots to Collect Data
  2. Create Forms That Feel Like an App
  3. NoCode Chat-style form builder
  4. Create engaged users with conversational forms

I like to have these keywords in the title: create/build/make + form + chatbot

If you were going to build a landing page for such a tool, what would you write for its title?

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    I’d remove any word that does not directly help visitors understand what you do/what’s in it for them.

    If you could pitch your entire product in one line, what would it be? Can you make it shorter?

    Is there already an existing product you can anchor to?

    Framing your product in the context of a competitor makes it a lot easier for your customers to understand what you do, even if it’s not the same.

    It’s more about what is not being said rather than what is being said.

    Regarding your current one: “Create fancy chatbots that do X”, I would drop the word fancy, doesn’t actually say anything and makes it sound less professional (what does fancy mean here?). At least that’s how I perceive it.

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      My one-liner would be: "Formito is a chatbot builder for websites to replace traditional forms." and a shorter version maybe "A Chatbot Builder to Replace Your Website Forms"?! This looks good actually! It tells what Formito does and contains all the keywords I need! Very good practice :D

      Regards anchoring to a product, I'd like to say Formito is a chatbot replacer for Typeform, but they have recently added the ability to display it in a chatbot format. UI is not comparable to Formito though!

      I've been looking for a better word to replace "fancy" as well. I'd like to emphasize that Formito has a pretty UI, but it might not be important to mention it in the page title.

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    Why not ditch the "Chatbot" and go with something like "customer service made better"

    I feel you should sell the result not the solution.

    What do you think? And I'll also rewrite the whole homepage too.. Take a look at my website https://josephayomide.com/ (still under construction)

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      Because it's not just customer service. They can create a chatbot to accept payment or automate some workflows.

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        Automate your website with a single click

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    Since your value proposition is a little unclear (reading through the comments below) I came to the idea that you aren't necessarily focused on converting customers, scheduling, or feedback forms, but a little bit of everything and the headline should capture this idea while the subhead can provide a bit more detail. This brought me to the idea of personalized, concierge service. Your product enables businesses to provide this to customers at scale.

    Headline = Provide concierge service to every single customer
    Headline 2 = Provide concierge service to your customers with beautiful chatbots
    Subheading = Create custom chatbots with our intuitive no-code builder to collect leads, process payments, provide customer service, schedule appointments, and more.

    Chatbots is easier to understand than "form bots." Calling out the intuitive no-code editor addresses a big objection you may face - that it's going to be too complicated or require engineering support. It may also be worth either speeding up the demo gif (which is great to include) or break the video up into some smaller snippets explaining different aspects/features.

    Also when I hit "no" to the demo form there is no way to 'reset' it unless i refresh the page. Include a 'start over' action if possible.

    Hope this helps.


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      Thank you so much. Your suggestion seems very reasonable and I'm going to give it a try. I'll update the landing page with your suggested headline and subheading soon.

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        Glad you found it helpful. Good luck, hope you are able to find the right positioning.

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    Who is your target audience?

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      This is something I'm struggling with. I started by niching down to real-estate agents and photography studios, but it wasn't successful. Some say it's better to focus on customer support, but in my opinion, this niche is very saturated.
      So I thought I'll go general and focus on small businesses. I'll create several pages at /solutions directory to create a landing page for each audience group.
      I'd say my target audience is the same as Typeform's.

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        Thats too broad. I don‘t like the way that „niche“ is now used as some kind of buzzword.

        Customer service, saturated? Yes! F.e. there is no competitor for intercom. The only main argument their competitors have is cheaper pricing. At almost everything else intercom excels as the universal solution. And these „underbidding“ pricing fights are the most important ones to stay away from.
        You can‘t actually win these.

        So that is why we niche down. Find a target group that has problems intercom can‘t and won‘t solve. Not to drive sales but to actually improve their lives.

        I like that you started niching down. But i don‘t see it in your landingpage. I don‘t see it in your copy, or your brand.

        Sorry to the other comments who try to help you on your copy without even asking what your goals is, and sorry to the people who recommended to you to focus on customer support. But: don‘t listen to them. They don‘t understand the most important thing. And it‘s very simple:
        If you try to make a product for everyone, you can, logically, only offer an average solution to everyone.

        So please tell me this: why did you pick real estate agents or photography studios as your 🎯 ?

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          One thing to add: i forgot we are in the copywriting group. This is not a copywriting issue.
          Problems are not solely solved by finding clever ways to describe your solution in fancier way (anymore).
          It is a question of strategy.

          Let‘s talk about that and then we develop the copy. But if it‘s too hard to come up with, 9/10 the product isn‘t right (just yet).

          Btw: your product does look dope though!

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          I agree with your points, but I'm not going to build a chatbot as an end product! My goal is to build an app maker where businesses can create what they need, and share it with their audience. This could be an app that fetches products from Shopify, users can browse them, and place an order. People can make a web-based product without writing any code. I'm not going to build a competitor to Intercom, maybe an alternative to Bubble, QuickBase, and Adalo. A chatbot builder is like an intermediate product for me because the end-product requires more time for development. I thought this could be a good start to acquire some paid customers while I'm growing the product.

          I know these are just excuses for why I've not targeted a specific audience even at this stage. But I've been spending most of my time on development instead of marketing or figuring out my perfect user persona and go to market strategy. I guess I'm going to spend less time on development in the next couple of months and get back to the discovery phase.

          Thanks for your help.

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    Maybe something like "Create fancy chatbots for your website" and the subheading could be "Collect leads, bookings, bug reports and other"

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      I like the title, I might need to replace "fancy" with a better adjective that has some search volumns.

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    It's always good to compare your product to the inferior alternative. What's yours? Forms, ugly chatbots, lost leads, poor UX?

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      I compare Formito to traditional forms. I spent a lot of time to build a better UX for a chatbot (not sure how successful I was), but it's a point I should write more about. I should create a section on my landing page and directly tell that Formito has a UX that people enjoy interacting with.

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    1. I'd move your GIF that shows your product in use all the way to the top of the page.
    2. Minimize the automate, feedback & support (accordion style).
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      Thanks, good ideas. The first one is easy to do. I'll apply that change soon. #2 is also reasonable, I need to create a design for that. I'll put it on my todo list.

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    As a SaaS copywriter, I start with the following formula:

    How to get {DESIRED OUTCOME} without {OBJECTION}

    It works because it laser-focused your message on what people care about, the outcome you're promising.

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    I'd borrow from the FlexMoney testimonial you have there:

    "Beautifully-simple process automation"

    With a tagline of:

    "Automated customer conversations with a human touch"

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    Hi Hossein! Your landing page should be about the customer and how your product solves their problems. They've come to you, looking for a solution.

    So tell them how Formito is going to help them.

    In this case, your target market (no matter the industry) wants website visitors to convert into paying (or at the very least, engaged) customers. Perfect!

    Here's one way to write the headline:

    "Custom chatbots that talk to your website visitors and turn them into paying customers."

    It tells visitors three things:

    • They can have a customized chatbot
    • This chatbot will "talk" to their visitors
    • This chatbot will convert visitors into leads

    I would add a subheader to support it:

    "Build a free chatbot in 3 easy steps. No coding required."

    This tells visitors that getting a Formito chatbot is non-technical, free, and easy as 1-2-3.

    Remember, your visitors have a problem that needs solving (converting website visitors into leads). Formito solves that problem. Explain that in the header and half the battle is won.

    PS - I played around with a couple of your templates. Some of the chatbot replies may need a little tweaking. But overall, it's an interesting product!

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    After checking out the website and reading some replies I think I have a few pointers to help.

    I’d say double down on finding a niche. To get good use out of copy you’ll want to have a decent understanding of your ideal customer. This is because majority of your copy will be targeted towards them.

    Once you have found a niche and understand them. You’ll want to bring together some of there fears, pain points, and beliefs. Your goal then is to show you understand there problems and show your product is the answer to them.

    After you have a understanding of your audience it becomes much easier to write the copy. Maybe you found out they have tried other similar softwares but, they don’t have a fluid UI. Maybe other brands have poor customer service.

    Another useful tip is showing the outcome of your product. The outcome could be more time available to them allowing them to do other things.

    I know this might not be the answer your looking for, however, I hope it helps even in the smallest way!

    P.S I’m not professional copywriting so take my advice with a grain of salt!

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    Dont Use the word Fancy, it show something not serious.
    Engage your visitors with conversational forms!

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