No-Code July 14, 2020

Help me to choose the name :)


Hi everyone,
I'm trying to find a good name for my next adventure what is a very logical step because it's a visual, no-code SaaS builder (I already made the SaaS boilerplate and also made a website builder which is shut down now because I went to the wrong direction :).

Suddenly, after a long search, I realized that making something "no-code" is most appealing idea, and probably crossing 2 passions (SaaS and visual builders) would be a better idea at all.

Then I found and registered 2 domain names which I liked:

The first one if from the talian name of Hephaestus, a Greek god of labor and a blacksmith.
The second is the indian name of my favorite animal, elephant.

Which one do you think looks and sounds better?

UPDATE. I listened to people and thought maybe "saying" name is better. So, I also bought What do you think about it ?

Which name (and a domain name) do you like better for a no-code visual SaaS builder?
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    hathi sounds better than efesto... If you say efesto 5 times really fast it will sound like 'infest' which is not really positive... It depends on what you want to build as well... Sometimes the name does not really matter, as long as it stands out.

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      This is an interesting opinion, thanks!

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    Hi, I am developing Randator,, a brand name generator that applies AI and grammar algorithms. I tried several keywords and I got these suggestions among others, maybe you like any of them, all these domains are currently available. You can also use Randator for some inspiration 😃.

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      Thanks, will have a look!

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    If I had to chose I'd go with however neither really stood out as an instantly recognisable name that I'd remember.

    You have to be pretty careful when coming up with a custom name, if it doesn't look like it could be a natural word it can come across as too random to make any sense.

    As an example one of my startups is a Travel Website Builder. So the made up name was 'Travito' (Trav-it-ooh).

    For our second product we decided not to do this again as theres so many negatives with doing so, so we went with 'ServerAuth' - its a product for managing server ssh authentication so as a name it totally makes sense.

    I've also had some made up ones that sound pretty bad, many years ago myself and a friend built a media management system and called it 'Hijit' (Hidge-it) which in reflection was terrible and made no sense at all, and just overall didnt look like it could ever be a real word.

    So taking the general concept of your idea I'd take some keywords down and try to build something that incorporates those.

    As a rough example, some of your keywords might be:

    • Nocode
    • Saas
    • Software
    • Service
    • Builder
    • Visual

    So possible name ideas would be something like this:

    • Visibulid
    • Codius
    • Softcodius
    • Nikode
    • Vicore
    • Buildinor

    (these aren't great but you get the idea)

    There are also some tools out there that can help come up with ideas. Namestation's a pretty good one.

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      Btw, how is your project Travito doing? Is it profitable?

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      Thanks for your advice! I have never heard about Namestation, so thanks for it!

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    Hi! I voted for Looking forward to what name going to win.

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      Thanks a lot! I'm interested too :)

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    The domain name is not yet taken.

    This tells a customer immediately what the product is for, before they've even seen the site. It carries a natural authority. There are other similar names also available.

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      Thanks! I will think on it.

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    @csallen Thanks for the great tool for voting here!!

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    To be honest I don’t like one or the other. I find them hard to remember or pronounce. I don't find them resonate in my head with no code or building anything.

    But if I had to choose efesto sounds more international and technological if thats where you are aiming, but also sounds like manifesto or festival. Hathi sounds very Indian or related to food. Thats good I guess if your are aiming for the Indian market.

    Hope my opinions help in some way ;-)

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      @mangooly Can you please give an example of a name that resonate? Just grab any existing or non-existing names that would touch you somehow?

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        Hi @Zencentric,

        I used a lot of word generator websites to come up with a name for my business I started with a lot of simple words, one of them was "keep" because it was about keeping information, keep is a very strong word, it uses the K, which is very clear and hard sounding letter.

        I also have this website which is a website for finding schools for children. It doesn't mean anything but its unique, it sounds childish and it can be identified with children using the word "mini".

        These websites (See below) are really good because you can come up with a name that doesn't necessarily mean anything but immediately resonates with what you are trying to sell now and in the future. I also recommend that you don't go crazy on the name, I waited right to the end to choose the name whiles I was building the product. This allowed me to test it with different people and friends. Remember the name is important but it's not the most important factor. Look at names like Amazon or Apple, they have no connection, they built a brand from the bottom up. Once you make your decision on the name start building a brand on top of it.


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          Thanks for sharing your experience!

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      Thanks, it's very valuable!

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    "Efesto" sounds more natural and it's also easier to remember and spell.

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    I like Efesto

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      Thanks for your opinion!

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    you'll always be able to change the name

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      Well, this is true to some extend. Imagine, you create twitter account, facebook account, and so on, you've got followers there and then - boom! - you decide to change the name - you will have to start from scratch. I just would like to avoid this hassle because there are many others ahead :)