Help me with Auth

Hi everyone,

Having built over 4 different SaaS products so far I either had to implement basic auth, use keyclock or auth0 for these applications.

For the current application I am building I need roles, groups, social logins and MFA.

What are some cost-effective and developer friendly options I can look at? Expecting over 50000 MAUs.

Also, how are you solving for auth today?

Thank you

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    Firebase has a great auth system that with proper rules works great for managing granular access. That is if you also use the Firestore database for data.

    Supabase works in similar fashion, but is based on PostgreSQL and offers row level access rules. Both handle third-party popular platforms authentications.

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    Just using Firebase for the application. Don't have to create auth flows to accommodate enterprise users so that's been more than sufficient.

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    Hey there we build Permify for custom and scalable roles. Just for cases like these. We can also help you to implement.

    For auth I'd suggest you to use Supabase It's great if you're on budget.

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      Thanks, will check out Permify. I thought Supabase was just solving the real time database part. It is great to see that they have auth as well.

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    I recently discovered Ory and have been enjoying it so far. It's like Keycloak but it feels more modern. Their Kratos library is probably what you're looking for if you're looking for your typical auth flows.

    They don't give you a UI, so you bring your own UX. You can self-host all their stuff, it's just a matter of spinning up a docker container.

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      How were you solving for auth before Ory?
      Also, what are your thoughts on FusionAuth?

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        I didn't know FusionAuth! I'll have to try it out.

        Before Ory I'd create a Firebase instance just for the auth but that gets tricky if you're open source, and it's another moving part. I have rolled my own auth way too much and use Keycloak in 2 projects as well.

        Supertokens is very fresh but is moving fast. I'd keep an eye on that too

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          Couldn't agree more. Ory seems like a good fit for us. I have requested them for an invite.
          Excited about Supertokens; Will be at par with others in another year or so give the pace at which they are moving.

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