Landing Page Feedback November 19, 2020

Help me with your feedback on this landing page please

Ranvijay Singh @ranvijay

Hello everyone,

Do you think this page clearly conveys what it delivers, to whom & how?

I request if you could take a look and help me with your feedback and suggestions.

This is the landing page for a recently released Google Chrome Extension.

Here is the link -


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    Hi Ranvijay,
    I took a look at your design, and instead of writing you some feedback, I chose to give you this design.
    I hope you like it.
    I tried to design it based on Jon's comment.

    Here is the design:

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      Thanks a lot @Abbes. This really means a lot.

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    Hi @ranvijay,

    Your copy isn't bad, but I think it could be a better idea to swap your H1 and H2 focus and simplify the copy a bit. Shout loudest about the biggest benefit ("Schedule video meetings with prospects in just 15 seconds.")

    Once you've established the amazing benefit you're giving your customers, then in the H2 clarify what the tool is. "A Chrome extension that allows you to book video calls directly from LinkedIn chat".

    Then you can go into specifics like which meeting apps are compatible etc further down the page.

    I would also suggest creating a concise demo video that purely shows it in action (recruiter chatting to a prospect > open plugin > fill in details > send > done) to include in your hero.

    You can then shift that feature list down the page.

    These are my suggestions, but overall it's a decent landing page, and the extension itself looks really good.

    I hope this is helpful


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      Thanks a lot for your time and valuable suggestions Jon @WildcardCopy. I will definitely get it done shortly.


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