Productivity July 6, 2020

Help needed: Are you keeping receipts & invoices?

Evyatar Shoresh @yople

Hello indiehackers, We've created WellyBox, a mailbox auto scanner for bills/receipts/invoices and other financial documents. We started in Israel, this is where we live :-), traction is great + we got some customers from other countries.

What the system does?

  1. Find all fin. documents you have in your mailbox(es) - Gmail & outlook/office365 supported
  2. Extract data from the docs
  3. Store the docs @ Dropbox / GDrive or sync them to QBO / Xero / other accounting software you use

What we want to know?

  1. Are you collecting or keeping receipts & invoices?
  2. If you do, what's your purpose (tax report/expense report/ both / other )?
  3. Please indicate what's your country as the need varies in different Geos.

def indie_help (some_really_good_input) { return "Thank You!" }

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    hey @yople - this sounds cool. funnily enough, I've been storing all my web receipts on gmail.

    My answers:

    1. Yes - in a folder on Gmail
    2. To track my expenses (for personal & business/tax purposes)
    3. I'm in England
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      Thanks!!. please give us a try and send us feedback, We got some customers in the UK

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        I've saved your details, thx :)