Help needed to grow a crypto related app

We built a useful mobile app for crypto traders. Our app Coin Push creates mathematical price trend signals. It's been 3 months on the app stores and numbers look promising this far. Please check out our product page:

I'm looking for IH friends who can help me reaching crypto traders. Please say hi!

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    I've been using Coin Push for months now, confidently can say that I get notices before things get moving.

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      Thanks! It works and I'm proud of it. But the challenge is spread the word like all IH's. The crypto domain is extra saturated, it's really hard to be noticed.

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    I just had a look. I feel like it would make sense to offer a bit longer Trial while you still have no reviews.
    Three days is too short for me to see if I really get any value out of it.

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      Thanks Kenuxi! After the trial, users are being able to follow 5 coins' signals and we are observing some late conversions like X days after trial expire. But you are right, we have to test different trial period lengths.

      Btw on Play Store we have 120 ratings with 23 reviews, on App Store 51 ratings with 6 reviews. But probably none of them are from your country. Stores divide ratings and reviews by countries and result looks like zero. 😁

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        I had no clue that reviews from other regions are not shown at all!
        Why would they assume that reviews from other regions are just irrelevant? I feel a bit betrayed honestly haha.

        Anyways, in Germany you now have a second 5-star rating and a review ;)

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          Dann vielen Dank und herzliche Grüsse! 😊

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    The first thing that comes to mind is partnering with a successful TikTok crypto influencer(s). Maybe give a few influencers $500 to trade using the app. Then if they're able to grow the $500, they make a video about it. You could also do some sort of revenue share/affiliate program with them.

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      Hey Jshw! That's a really interesting idea to build a TikTok influencer case study! I will think about it in detail. In crypto domain, it's very hard to approach an influencer as a startup because their regular affiliates are mostly "money printing" ICOs. ICOs throw buckets of money at them. :)

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        Yes, you're right! I was part of an ICO in 2018 and crypto influencers get paid very well. I have some info for you that may help(?). I'll send it to your .com.tr email.

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          Thank you very much!

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    Sounds like a great project. If you are open to collaborators, I look at Product Design and I have a strong interest in Crypto. Happy to connect and chat.

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      Thank you Lorenzo! I'll send you an email when I'm available.

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