March 22, 2019

Help to validate idea

Dan @comcava

Hi all,
I spend couple months with building my pet project (still in development for this moment). It's warehouse management software running on android smartwatches. For this moment I have got one business-customer (captive), and plan to make web version, but stuck with frontend development.

Something stop me from investing more resources (time mainly) to still make it myself. I don't know what, maybe lack of motivations cause solo-entrepreneurship is boring (after half-year :), maybe the automatic warehouses that arriving in big companies, with robots and autopicking.

Actually, I wan't to ask community how to find somebody with frontend/business expertise to help me finish this project? Like co-founder, or other entrepreneur. Thank you!


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    1. The website looks very polished. The animations were a bit disorienting, but overall the company looks like it's many people - not just one person who's been working on it for only half a year! I agree that the carousel is pretty distracting, and terrible in terms of usability.

    2. All the different platforms seems... unfocused. There's a smartwatch and a website and an android app and an iOS app... all this before launch is pretty crazy to me. Why not focus on a single platform (e.g. responsive web) before doing everything else? That way, there's also much less surface area required on frontend. It's hard to find a engineer who's good at iOS and Android, much less that and web and a smartwatch.

    3. Perhaps I'm not your target audience, but still unsure of what "warehouse management system" means. Can you break down the workflow for me? How does this app in very concrete terms benefit me as a user? Is it reducing time? Is it increasing operational transparency?

    4. This seems like an incredible amount of work. I understand some of the screenshots might be aspirational, but still. Are you sure you're not overengineering? Are all of these features required for initial launch / MVP?

    I totally understand side project burnout, and empathize. It seems like a really niche, great problem area. Best of luck!

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      Hi, thank you!

      1. Carousel - got it.
      2. Main focus it's android app on smartwatch, but to use this kind of solution, we need setup warehouse layout and products/orders processing flow, and needed to make it through PC - and web, cause it's the simpliest cross platform solution. I got some stuck here with frontend. The app I was already made before in proof of concept solution.
      3. Warehouse management - cover a lot of topics, all that you need to organize goods processing to accomplish e-commerce orders. For example: acceptance of goods, storage in warehouse cells, picking from storage and shipping of order. This app is making available to do it via smartwatch instead of handheld picking device, and on backend it could make smart picking routes with highly optimized algorithms solving TSP problems accross warehouse layout. It could dramatically improve efficience in warehouse. I've got video from conference last year, where I've explain math and efficience problem with smart picking orders (in russian: Also ~ x2 x4 improve of efficiency (it's one case only, one customer).
      4. All of screens made in app, the diff in colors, in smartwatch due to energy efficiency better use black-white. And yeah, it's overengineered.

      But I'm scared about robotics in warehouses, it could distrupt this sector. That's why don't understand to still develop this product, or no.

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    Not related to the idea itself, but I got dizzy trying to figure out what the idea is. The text moves when I try to move the mouse, and when I got halfway through reading the text, it disappeared to another screen. See:

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      Thank's Rozen, got it.

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    Seems like it could be a really cool idea! How does it compare to existing solutions? I don't have a newer smartwatch so curious how people would do the it by barcode?

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      Hi Nicholas, thank you, appreciate it.
      Simple, android smartwatches able to communicate via bluetooth, Before I have tried to use build-in camera to recognize barcodes, and with no luck, due to lack of photo quality. Modern watches could make more quality photos, but bluetooth is just simple. I have tested a couple of them to define which one is better. Some of them wrongly scanned barcodes, like multiple zeros inside or other errors. Finally got worked solution.