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Help us get our first customers? Rental photo shoot service for newborns.

Hi IH friends,

My wife and I spent $1500 on photoshoots for our newborn recently! This was way too cost prohibitive for us, so we started doing our own photoshoots at home using our iPhone.

That's when we decided to start Pixie (https://trypixie.com), a photoshoot rental service for kids between 0-24 months of age. We send everything a parent would need to do a photoshoot at home (except for the child and phone/camera). We rent each kit to parents for 7 days for $50 and shipping is free both ways.

We just launched but am having a hard time to get users for feedback or to rent our kits.

Can you tell me your feedback on the idea and also, any thoughts on how to acquire customers?

If you know anyone who can use the service, if they use code PIXIE20, it'll be 20% off.

Thank you!


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    Instagram? So many parents on there taking and sharing photos of their kids. I see you have an account, it's worth building it up with different and diverse examples. Do you have any friends kids you can use as examples? Or offer a freebie in return for some pictures you can use on Instagram?

    Anything visual like this is also worth trying to get going on Pinterest too.

    Feels risky posting stuff out and expecting people to send it back, is it proven in other services that this (posting stuff back) works as a concept? I don't have experience in this, so am curious about it as a model.

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