Growth February 18, 2020

Help us increase our organic traffic numbers (Bearing Gifts)


Hey hackers :)

So we launched toward the end of last year, just in time for Christmas. My co-founder and I both put some cash into ads, Google, Pinterest & Facebook.

We got some solid traffic over the Christmas period and even made a few sales. Just not enough to warrant continued ad-spend, since our model is affiliate based and the ads cost more than the commission we received.

We figured we'd either

  1. need to look for investment and a potential cash injection to kick start our marketing campaign
  2. Build up to decent organic traffic numbers through creating a social media presence, posting on forums etc

We're currently pursuing the latter but it's super hard!
Posting on Facebook, Pinterest and a few forums here and there. We've seen an increase but not nearly enough.

So I'm reaching out here for ideas.

What techniques have you used to market your product(s) and drive organic traffic to your site?

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    I've seen a lot of founders doing promotion on every channel with all methods possible; just focus on 1 channel first. says its social media, then do social media until you have some steady traffic stream before expanding to other channels. hope this helps.