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Help! What is the best backend setup AWS or Firebase?


I’m working on a music streaming website like soundcloud/spotify, (Javascript, PhP, MYSQL- so i want to start there & can’t go back now). I need the audio to stream quickly. I planned to use my shared hosting to hold the frontend and MYSqL database while Using an aws s3 bucket to store the audio + cloudflare to push the music to the user.

Or should I just use firebase as an s3 bucket while I'm small and let My shared hosting do the rest.

Or should just get a better faster
Shared hosting company and just start there. Any advice would be appreciated. I prefer not to learn the hard way if i don't need to.

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    For large amount of data both AWS S3 and Google cloud are expensive, have a look at DO spaces. It's AWS S3 compatible which means you can start with AWS and then switch to DO spaces if you think AWS expensive.

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      Thank you for this. I will into DO

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    I'm using Firebase and it is pretty easy and cheap.

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      Thanks. I will research further.

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    Hi There,
    Check out Light Sail -
    It'll really take your mind off DevOps.

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        In that case, I'd just spin up a marketplace ec2 with LAMP.

        PS you already know javascript, why not ditch PHP for nodeJS?

        PPS If you'd like some advice, I'm doing free 30-min consults now, feel free to book one.

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    From my experience with AWS the most long term and effective setup would be to host everything in AWS and deploy it using AWS SAM ( This way you can deploy your whole stack with API, frontend, database, storage etc in one simple command and you only pay for what you use. Simplest stack would be:

    Frontend: JavaScript app hosted on S3 + CloudFront
    Backend: API Gateway + Lambda
    File storage: S3 + CloudFront

    However, this might take a while to learn so if you have used the services that you mentioned before it might be a better choice. If you use S3 for file storage I would recommend AWS CloudFront as the CDN instead of CloudFlare - easier to have everything in one place.

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      Thanks. You are right I researched and found Cloudfront better than Cloudflare. Still comparing it to the others

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      Wait in this frontend/backend/file storage stack what acts as the database?

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        Depending on the use case I would use DynamoDB (NoSQL) or RDS (MySQL/Postgres) running on AWS.

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        MYSQL on shared Hosting

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