🧐 HELP! Where do Marketers and SMM hang out?

Hey here 👋

We're developing https://pixiko.com/ - online video editor and maker 😎 We're focused on spectacular and easy-to-use video, image or text effects which users can implement immediately and all it one time to make stunning content.

We believe that it's really helpful for marketers and SMM specialists for content creating or ad banner making process ✍️ And we want to tell this specialists about Pixiko and involve its.

Could please hepl me with places (mb some group on Facebook or Telegram's chats or some communities) where marketers and social media marketing specialists are?

Thanks in advance 🖖

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    Just search on Facebook for "Facebook ads" or "Instagram ads", you will find plenty.

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      Thanks 👍 mb you know some active? I mean where marketers are actIve chatting.

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    They hang out right here

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    I’m a marketer myself. Besides getting your tool featured in comparison articles on marketing blogs, I’d recommend posting on Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

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      Thanks! Now we're posting on some Facebook groups and will start on Linkedin.

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    I think I have seen a few with active chat groups on Reddit, like r/digitalmarketing. If you go to the subreddit you'll see the discord link.

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    @coreyhaines runs Swipefiles and a paid community for marketeers.

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      Oh, thanks 👍 I'll write him

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      mb you know some active? I mean where marketers are actIve chatting.

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        I don't know any current. I used to do social media managing, not for the past 4 years though. So I don't know anything active. But FB Groups and Linkedin Groups was where a lot of ppl spent time, working. I think at the time I joined some slack groups as well (Online Geniuses)

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          Slack! Yeah! Thanks! :)

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      Yeah, thanks! I'm going dive into this)

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    I also searched for such communities, but I didn't find them(((

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