Ideas and Validation February 20, 2021

Help with Pricing model

Samuel Bartels @samuelbartels20

Hello Everyone,
I am running a product school to help entry level designers, associate product managers and developers in Africa gain practical working experience via a cross-discipline setup.
The students get to work on real world corporate problems.
This is the link to the product school
I am currently finding challenge with business model and pricing model.
Anyone who has ever run a coding school or anyone that knows how to go about this, please share your views, i will really appreciate that.
I look forward to receiving as many feedbacks as possible


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    Hi Samuel

    Instantaneously (having not clicked the link yet) I thought of Maria Luise Prean-Bruni who works in Uganda. Maybe, You would like to ask her for inspiration, Your and Her approach seem to overlap in some aspects.

    I think She funds the projects She directs with help of a network of Donators. Maybe, She has some inspirational advice for you...

    I cannot imagine how, but hope this is of some help, anyway!

    Good luck!


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      Hello Christian, do you have mail or anything i could reach her on?

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        Maria and team are helping children and building educational centres in Uganda. I found her website: There is a contact form too.

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    Hi Sam, I've plotted a few business models and pricing models myself (and codified these). I'd would be happy to help. Do feel free to reach out to me if a chat would be useful :)

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      Hello Ric, what medium can i contact you on?

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        Hi Samuel, you can find my email on my indiehackers profile. It is next to my profile pic

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    if you can finance it, you can consider a learn for free, work guaranteed with reduced salary where you get your comp.

    You can stright off charge for it what it would cost in similar time of training elsewhere + premium

    or again if this is combined with actual work that get paid for by a vendor you can middleman your commision in some form
    like you pick gig jobs at x$, you grub a commision y$ and pay the student x-y, or provide some fixed price

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    Don't think this comes under SaaS @samuelbartels20 but my co-founder Harsh recently did a post to help indiehackers price their product. You can check it out over here and see if that helps you!

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